Sunday Music, Monday Edition

Again. I seem to become more lazy by the day. WordPress did not allow me to write a post in firefox, a strange decision. I was reasonably busy last week with administrational “things”, making phone calls, writing emails ; after some effort it even went easy, communication is something that needs training and use, and I was out of use.
This morning greeted us with snow, but according to the weatherpeople the next days shall bring sunshine in abundance. Jaja
This Sunday Music is a short piece from the already well-cited album Jazz på Svenska of Jan JOHANSSON, titled Visa från Järna. I hope you enjoy the music. May we face a peaceful week.



10 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. I like the music. Have they given you a schedule for returning to work? I hope you are finding enjoyment in something these days.

    We will have a one week break from school in two weeks and we are flying to visit the In-Laws, you know I don’t care for flying any more than you do. My Doctor allows me a prescription for horse-size tranquilizers to take the edge off. Once during takeoff from the Narita Japanese airport, the plane hit a pocket of dead air, there was no lift, and we drop several hundred feet in seconds before the wings found movement to work with again. Longest fucking minute of my life! It’s really the lack of control that bothers me more than anything though. Air is not my element.

  2. I hope it became a good day for you, Dinahmow.

    WORK ?! WHat a terrible word, conjuring up any sorts of unpleasantries !
    MAybe in March. The first thing my eye doctor said was “This takes time”. I can only work again with fitting glasses. It takes around one week to “make” them. My eye doctor will give me a prescription for said, hypothetical, glasses when she is sure that this “situation” in the back of my eyes is solved for good. It did look good & promising at the last examination. She ordered me to take half of the medication for two weeks, then no more medication for one week, and then return for another examination, sometimes in the last week of February. If all is well then, she’ll measure out the glasses, give me a prescription, and off I am to my optician. If all goes according to plan I will be back working beginning or mid-March, just in time for spring holidays.
    Yes, lack of control : We sit strapped motionless in a seat within an aerodynamically formed tin can that gets shot from continent to continent. And when things go bonk you can do absolutely nothing like yelling “Geronimo” and rip the cord …

  3. Here it is something like an early spring, sun, birds, clear sky. I can see a biscuit materialise in the near future, in fact I see a Doppelkeks with cherry marmalade on top.
    Life is good MsScarlet.

  4. “Communication is something that needs training and use, and I was out of use” – Yes, this is exactly how I feel about the blog/blogging! But I also agree with The Very Mistress (of course) in that this simply must be a “lazy time of year”…

  5. I know that The Idler exists, dearest Mitzi, but I can not say something about its contents, I simply have not read the magazine, sorry.

    We all need to come through February, the most dangerous month I think. At one point the ink will start to flow again IDV, and we’ll happily splodge along !

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