Sunday Music on a Tuesday

People are mad. I have the impression that the people decided that “corona” is over. Bus and rail are full of coughing humans, at least they cover their mouths. This, the grey and windy weather, and a feeling of sadness, made my trip to Franconia a sober, and a little melancholic, journey.
In front of my appartement’s door I found a little parcel containing some books, what was a nice surprise. This parcel, as I learned later, was in front of my door since last Monday (I had left early Sunday morning). Some days before my departure I had spoken with a neighbour I met in the hall ; back then I felt really bad (räudig may describe it well), and I must have looked like … eieieiei …. This last impression I had given, the lingering, unmoved parcel, and the deafening silence from my appartement, had finally concerned neighbours utter the suspicion that I may lie on the floor gently rotting away. Or be seriously ill. Five minutes after I had entered my room (and had removed said parcel from my door) my next door neighbour knocked and asked whether I finally would be healthy again. My answer that I just had returned, had been a little more than a week away, and feel generally healthy, was greeted with relief – no rotting neighbour.
Other positive news include the non-war in the East. I doubt that war will start tomorrow, or on any other day in the next future. Ukraine will stay out of NATO, a kind of finlandization will take place (Ger., Eng.), all & everybody will safe face, and there is even the possibility that this leads to a economical stabilisation of the region. If nothing really unforeseen happens (mad colonel pulls the trigger, “green men” show up in Kiew, or something like that) the whole jabberwocky is over : Thank God, Helm ab zum Gebet.
I still feel a bit blue. So this Sunday Music is a little piece titled Balletto by Manuel María PONCE (1882-1948) (Ger., Eng.) performed by John WILLIAMS. I hope you like the music. May we have a smashing week …



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music on a Tuesday

  1. We are all strangers in a strange land right now, no matter where that land happens to be, sweetpea. It’s a challenge to stay positive! Glad you’re feeling (physically) a little better! xoxo

  2. “Green around the gills” – you are a source of wondermental words, dearest MsScarlet. The green gills were replaced with a red nose, because all air condition apparatuses are running on full power. I only realised this when I reached my destination station, and my knees felt frozen.

    Yes, it is a bit challenging right now to focus on the positive things. But on the other hand, what else should we do ? Wallow in the mire will only lead to dirty shoes and cold feet. I must know, because in Suebia I wallowed in the mire, slipped, and made a nice landing, rock festival style. In the end negativity will suck our last powers out, we need to keep a healthy distance. This is possible Savannah.

  3. Well, there is no shortage of idiots in these latitudes!
    I want to be pleased that Mr Putin has put away his rattling sabre.I hope he has not let Mr.Xi borrow the damned thing!
    Ah…but then we have John Williams.Thank you.

  4. I’m sad to disappoint you Dinahmow. Mr Xi surely watched closely the drama’s unfolding, and hopefully imminent folding ; but the next affaire is already in the making, working title may be “Taiwan comes home to the Reich” or something. And comparing what China does in the seas, like sprouting up whole islands, air fields and military infrastructure in general, makes Vlad’s annexion of those parts of Eastern Ukraine look tame, the sabre shrinks compared to the dao.

  5. 1978 Mitzi – 44 years ago (!).

    Call me “Roddie” …. No worries, all is well Mistress.
    Does Febreze help against flies too ? I’m asking for a friend, obviously.

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