And You Thought This Could Not Happen Here

When I left in the ddm today to see my eye doctor (all is well, basically), I had not used my computer. Shortly after my return home in the late morning a neighbour called me, very excited, and said “the basted did it !” I did not understand what he was talking about, until it dawned on me that Vlad attacked Ukraine for real.
I never imagined that I would have to witness a war in Europe in my lifetime. But there it is, and all of a sudden all is different. I only hope that this will end soon, so that the number of “casualties” – dead humans ! – is as low as possible. You can not send out untrained civilians with machine pistols to fight against an army of trained soldiers with state-of-the-art weapons of any thinkable kind. This is a crime, a crime within a crime.
I did not believe that Vlad would pull it off. All of a sudden we are catapulted back in a time when a tank division was a means of politics. We are back in an age of brute force, like before WWI, a terrible step back in history. And “history” is used as weapon, like any other gun, by the chief “historian” in Moscow.
The Eastern border of Europe is now a frontier again. Russia came back with bombs and grenades. All of a sudden the full members of the European Union, Poland, Slowakia, Hungary, and Romania have a border with an aggressive neighbour. Add the Baltic States too.
All I know right now is that this must be contained, before this regional war can become a global one. On the other hand, Vlad must be stopped. This guy and his oligarchic camarilla must be held accountable – I have no idea how.
All I know is that Germany has not even one effing tank division ready, and that Europe has no military means. This must change fast, because it seems that our new Eastern neighbour understands only retaliation : Do we really have to go back to the ius talionis (2.Mose 21, 23-25), “Eye for eye” ? This can not be possible, this is not the way.
Sadly, the only one with a plan, is Vlad, in his incredible recklessness : He has earned his special place in the history books, the new czar. It must be very satisfying for him. “The West”, Europe & the US, we stand there like impotent idiots.
Now let’s brace for the wave of refugees.

5 thoughts on “And You Thought This Could Not Happen Here

  1. Someone must close them gates Dinahmow, quick.
    I just looked at a map, looks like the raid in the South is fairly successful, I’m not sure how they advance in the North, but it may be only a question of hours until they take the capital. I feel a bit sick when I read the names of the towns, like Charkow, Shytomir and others, because exactly there my grandfather fought, mostly driving a tank with a swastika on it. Goddamn cursed “Bloodlands” (Eng.).

    Absolutely MsScarlet. It is sick and sickening.
    This day is a watershed, there is a “before”, and an “after”. We need time to process all this. I only hope that this “special military action” (or however this unlawful war of aggression was called) will end soon – preferably at the borders of the former Ukraine.

  2. It is frightening! People, especially here in the USA don’t seem to understand the seriousness of the threat Putin poses to stability in Europe. It saddens and angers me that there are Americans voicing their support for Putin and his cabal and calling President Biden the cause of this incursion by Russia into a sovereign nation. We have entered a very different world from the one we knew just a couple of days ago. xoxo

  3. People in the US who support Putin seem to have forgotten that Russia attacked the US by interfering in the 2016 election. Who says that Biden would be the “cause” for this war, simply ignores the history of the last thirty years, since the collapse of the SU, especially the last twenty years since Putin is ruling over Russia. Putin is seeking revenge, and he gets it. Right now I wonder if he will stop at the Ukrainian border – in the long run surely not. BTW the first actual shot in this war was fired in 2014.
    Russia is already meddling in the Balcans, reheating all that “panslavic” nonsense of yesteryear, again 19th century ideology. As European I can only thank GOd that Biden is president now, not that Putin venerating sucker and traitor Trump, who bleated about the abolishment of NATO. This is Putin’s war, nobody else’s.
    Who dismisses this war as some unimportant quarrel somewhere in the “Steppe”, should as American not use the words “liberty” or “freedom” any more, or blab about other values like independence : What we have here is something that is only comparable to what Adolf did, attacking a peaceful neighbour country without any hint of justification. Inviolability of borders and the rule of law are the basis of international politics. So when Putin annexes Alaska just because, these people shall shut up.
    There is no “weakness” in Biden’s actions and policy (as was no “weakness” in Obama’s back then), the only weakling like baby poo was the wannabe fuehrer. What all involved, the US, the Europeans, Chinese, even Putin’s inner circle, did not understand is how reckless, how angry, determined, and outright bonkers Vlad really is. A true son of Russia.

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