Sunday Music

Today the German chancellor gave a very interesting speech in the parliament. Germany will deliver weapons to Ukraine, and supports further economical restrictions against Russia. This speech marks a general reframing of our foreign policy. Since Russia’s unlawful aggression against a neighbour nation things changed a lot, war is all of a sudden back as means of politics.
All sanctions against Russia are justified, there is no excuse. If Vlad is really as mad as he seems to be, the next military targets will be Finland and Sweden, because they expressed their wish to join NATO – as reaction of Russia’s aggression. Vlad must be stopped now.
Talks are announced between Ukraine & Russia, but frankly I do not think that something useful will come out of this. Russia needs to go back behind the border – and this collides with what Vlad expects ; at least in my opinion he will not accept anything else but a victory. And as long as Selensky is sending videos from Kiew, there is no victory. But the longer Selensky can do this, the worse the situation for Vlad, because the whole thing becomes more and more expensive, dead soldiers amount, and more and more questions will be asked at home. His blitzkrieg already failed, Charkow is not taken, Odessa is still free, Kiew is a major problem. If he throws the nuclear hammer, we all are gone. What a dumb, dumb man.
Today’s Sunday Music is a little piece composed by Leopold KOŽELUH (1747-1818) (Ger., Eng.), a Bohemian musician, titled Pastorale. I hope you like the music. May we face a week undisturbed from rockets, bombs, and grenades.



5 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. … wish I could be there, Anna

    Glad you like the music Savannah.

    As my grandmother used to say : “Dummheit und Stolz wächst auf einem Holz”. Stupidity and pride grow from the same soil.
    Yes, there is always hope, dear MsScarlet. Glad you like the music.

  2. Beautiful music! I would personally send guns, ammo and molotov cocktail supplies to Ukraine if I could! One tiny good thing coming out of this is that some of the US Republicans are remembering that they were never to have trusted Russia. These same people who were rabid dogs to sniff out communism some fifty years ago got lax because Trump seemed to like Putin.

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