No Escape

I am sorry. I can not help, I have to put in my two pennies worth. The more I watch this damn war, the more I wonder. I try to use European news outlets, and verified news, simply because there is a lot of propaganda and plain disinformation around.
Putin’s war does not go according to plan. If it is correct what I read in a German news outlet (n-tv) that the Russians already lost close to 200 tanks, then this is a frightening number. I saw pictures of Russian tanks with self made, improvised constructions over the turret. This indicates that they faced Javelin anti tank rockets, pretty modern, sophisticated, and, well, useful. (The idea of this weapon is not to hit a tank frontal, but from above, preferably into the turret, where the fortification is notably weaker.)
Then I saw (and read) about difficulties of the advancing army regarding fuel, and lousy communications.
The fact that Russia agreed to some kind of negotiations implies imho that they need time to regroup, time to pump more weapons and troops into the country. It seems to me that they simply miscalculated how fast they could advance, and – what is more important – did not care in foresight.
They either really thought this would be a kind of promenade to Kiew, or it was simply very bad planning. The Ukrainian forces (I have no idea how large this force is, what they actually have) is basically a remnant of the old Red Army. So these officers know exactly what they face. They should know their enemy very well, and I do not believe that they simply sad idle since 2014, when Vlad grabbed a part of Ukraine. And it is their land. All in all they do a formidable job, and they have a good chance to, at least, stop the invasion. To throw the invaders out is another thing.
The longer this whole stupid war lasts, the worse Vlad’s inner-Russian situation. If what is left of the Russian civil society fully understands what is going on, there may be a chance. Even Vlad can not turn the whole of Russia into a graveyard, he is no Stalin – despite the fact that this is what he craves to be.

There is a right side, and a wrong side – and in few situations in history it was so clear. And those people who cheer for Vlad, be it Serbian nationalists who demonstrated today and yelled support for their hero, be it members of the German parliament (of the fascist party, who else ?, who had the nerve to say that our chancellor would “herbeireden” a new “cold war”, goodness !), or “politicians” of the “Republican” party in the US (who blab about “Biden’s weakness enabling this war”) – those right-wing, and in part openly fascist people, are scum.
And again, I already said it here, I am glad that the former “president” of the US is not at the helm, the guy who said NATO must be abandoned, the guy who kissed Putin’s arse openly, the guy whose election was helped by Russian interference, comrade Trumpsky.
We Europeans have two years to built an European force. We must do this, because the chance is very likely that in two years either the swine returns, or a younger version of the traitor sits in the White House. It is still absolutely correct what MERKEL said – the US are no reliable partner any more. We need a European army that protects our Eastern (and Northern) border. We must make clear to an aggressive Eastern neighbour that any kind of invasion is suicide.
There is no way back, there is no escape.


6 thoughts on “No Escape

  1. I’m hoping the financial sanctions will help bring Putin’s cronies to their knees – this is a new way of doing things. We can only hold our breath and support Ukrainians by sending money and weapons of defence.
    I am still sickened by the invasion, and trying to breathe when I can!

  2. I found it interesting when I ready today that even foreigners can join the Ukrainian army as long as they do so voluntarily. This is both interesting and good, I hope, as long as these random freedom fighters know the difference between Ukrainians and a Russians and that they conduct themselves honorably. The people of Ukraine have my deepest respect.

  3. It may show the Russian (money-)elite, and those who have a chance to inform themselves independently, that nobody wants to play with them any more. Vlad’s thinking, his idea of history, his ideal of Russia, all this is deeply set or rooted in 19th century, at least pre WWI ideas. I only hope that a lot of people in Russia understand that the world has changed, dear MsScarlet. Now please breath, before you turn blue …

    The Ukraine formed a Foreign Legion, and I think they have a lot of afflux, see many volunteers. But I found no verified data, like how many, where do they come from etc. Reminds me a bit of the International Legion from 30s Spain.
    I really wonder how long they will be able to survive Melanie. I fear the next step is the take of Kiew, and this may become a bloody mess.

    Hello Hound of Hecate, welcome, thank you for your first comment here.
    Like any one of us he lives in his own reality, but he has the power to make things happen – he changes the reality of the whole damn world with one order. He forced his reality on other people, and makes Ukraine live through a bloody nightmare. This nightmare is rooted in his ideas about history, the image of Russia, ideas of his “right” etc. – all that (in my opinion) damn 19th century panslavistic, nationalistic crap he regurgitates. And he is not alone in this – Serbian nationalists cheer him as their hero, leader, god sent liberator, defender of the right faith, what not shit they can imagine. In a way it is a “Gleichzeitigkeit des Ungleichzeitigen”, when ideas older than hundred years become potent & efficacious generations later. No, I do not think that he is deluded. Not more deluded than Trumpsky ans his followers for example (think “big lie”), or anybody else. In a way “reality” is just a by-product of “Wahn” …

    The fog of war lifts, dear Savannah.

    I am not sure on this Mistress. The bastard may try to come back. And there are enough idiots left to vote for the swine again. And if they can not get it by vote, they will try to get it by lie.

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