Sunday Music, Monday Edition

Here we are, in sunny-cold Suebia. No fear at all, not going lyrical. If Vlad decides to nuke us all, I at least want to spent my time in self-chosen, good company. BTW the man must have the time of his life, he right now gets treated like the most important human being on earth. There is a seemingly never ending stream of politicians pouring in, all & any single one eager to melt the beast’s black heart. And while Vlad gets his egon massaged, people die. Among other reasons, because they trust announced ceasefires and use mediated escape routes, just to be blown to pieces by Russian artillery. It seems that one can not trust these cutthroats one single millimeter. I only hope that the world does not forget all this as fast as usual. The only positive news in regard of this criminal war in the East is that the foreign ministers of Ukraine and Russia met in Turkey. I think this is a significant change, or at least shows that there is movement behind the scenes. But as Russia acts right now, one can not be sure whether it is only bowel movement.
This Sunday Music is movement number 1 Andante of HAYDNs (1732-1809) (Ger., Eng.) Piano Sonata in D, Hoboken (Ger., Eng.) XVI No.51, performed by the incomparable Mr Alfred BRENDEL (Ger., Eng.). Art and culture will always win over murderous barbarity, at least I hope so. I also hope you enjoy the music. May we have a non-violent week.



6 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. I don’t think there is any sincerity to compromise or negotiate in good faith when the Russians offer to negotiations. They will continue to ask for unacceptable submission of land and people. The Ukrainians know this. All the former USSR territories are familiar with the tactics of Russia and this is why they do not yield. They get punished either way, even Russian-friendly, separatist Donetsk gets some bombs tossed their way for good measure. It makes me furious that these authoritarian regimes can just loosely threaten to use nukes and NATO cowers in fear. So all these people die while 144 countries are afraid to act against one arrogant asshole. If we did this right and took him down as a unified global presence all the other authoritarian nutjobs in power would reconsider the use of this tactic.

  2. Love, peace, and understanding to all of you, venerated readers !

    I beg to differ Melanie, as far as I can see, nobody cowers in fear from Vlad. Ukraine fights her arse off, the Baltic States, Finland, Poland, other direct neighbours are on high alert, Europe in general looks at her military state and decides that something has to change, Germany will finally do what has to be done Trying to hit Russia full force (and that would be the only way to make sure that Vlad is not at the trigger) is a terrible idea, it would mean to start the nuclear confrontation, and then we can brace for the atomic winter. Over time good for the climate, but a little unpleasant for mankind.
    Of course this goes the other way round too : If Vlad nukes Warszawa, or another place of a NATO member, I doubt that we could stop this then.
    Change in Russia can only come from within. When the average Iwan understands that nobody wants to play with him on this worldly playground any more, when those who have to take part in this murderous crime come home – be it in a coffin, a wheelchair, or on two legs – the rule of lies can be broken. But again, this is something that the Russian people alone can manage. I am pretty sure that we will be witnesses to this process, it will happen in our lifetimes. But as things are right now, we can only give the Ukrainians any means they need.

  3. I can’t say I’m good at diplomacy. Patience is not one of my qualities. I prefer to hit hard and fast to reduce the number of casualties. I’ll take the risk of calling a bluff if I think it will shorten the suffering.

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