Sunday Music

Normality will return into my life, at least in as much as I have to work again. Yes, tomorrow morning – not the ddm*, but the fairly bright dawn of a sparkling new day – I will start the engine of a vehicle and do the job again. And because all is different from when I left four months ago, I will stand in for a colleague through next week. It is a small drive, just two neighbouring villages, carefree kids, at least that is what I was told by the co-driver yesterday when I fetched the vehicle. Of course I want to return onto my old route ; it is first a question of money (more time and longer distances equal more payment), and second I want “my” children back. It was a not always easy process to get used to each other, but after all we got along well ; the same goes for my co-driver. Nevertheless I wrote two job applications today, some more will follow, for Suebian offers.
I wonder what will come from the promised rise of the minimum wage. The new gouvernement promised (and I think they already anchored it in a law) that the minimum wage will be increased by a third (if I remember it correctly) over the whole year. The inflation rate is actually at five per cent ; and there is always the possibility of loopholes. I frankly can not believe that my income will rise by thirty or so pro cent, taxes and insurances will rise too.
Anyway, I do not want to dwell on something ugly like money. This Sunday Music is some Sixties’ feel-good-music, Mr Mason WILLIAMS‘ (Ger., Eng.) Classical Gas. I hope you like the music.

*damn dark morning, as coined by Savannah.



7 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I hope it’s a good start for you.
    And I’m sure you’re right about the monetary increases..When one hand gives, the other hand usually takes! But hey! I think it’s Spring in your world. Daffodils and lambs and maybe a bottle of something…

  2. I haven’t listened to Mason Williams in ages, so thank you for this! I’m with you on not dwelling on money right now. And, I agree with Dinah about the daffodils, spring lamb, a nice bottle of something! Cheers, sweetpea! xoxo

  3. I can imagine my grandson Max playing that. Thank you.
    Tax thresholds here have been frozen, which is effectively a tax increase and certainly minimum wage hasn’t increased much, if at all. I hope you get most, at any rate, of your increase. Have a good week and enjoy the springtime, dear Mago x

  4. It is definitely spring around here, dearest DInahmow : Daffodils galore, Schneeglöckchen, Krokus, and a lot of other small beauties I have no name for. AND the magnolias are close to opening up – they have been a tad too early over the last years, just when they had opened one last cold sweep came by. I hope not this year, but things can become frozen still, one has to wait until Easter.
    Spring in the North means the end of summer in your region, yes ? Is autumn coming to your garden ? Do the giant spiders retract themselves in caves ? Hopefully so !

    No nice bottle nor me this week, sorry Savannah. I had to take some medication for my eyes (the plan was that I would use it the coming week through, and then stop) – and that stuff not only took my gustatory sense away (water tastes still like some acid), it finally made my stomach hurt. So I quit that stuff, and still have to recover from its onslaught. I would not taste the wine. Next weekend will be something else.

    Glad you like the music Z. The increase is still a promise, nothing more. In fact the new gouvernement was very generous with money. They have some ambitious plans there.
    Thank you Z !

  5. It would be nice if you could get a job around books again. When I needed to save more money so I could take a trip to Japan I got a part time job at the bookstore (on top of my full-time job as a purchasing agent for the University.) Working the information desk was more fun than I thought it would be. Sometimes I felt like a book detective and of course, fell in love with every person to approach the desk and ask what I would recommend they read in any given genre. Then it is not, “Hello, customer.” it is “Hello, my friend!”

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