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Normality came into my life – and went away pretty fast. For reasons beyond someone’s influence I worked only for one day last week, but am scheduled for four days this coming week. I have no idea what shall happen in the first week of April. I felt a bit left out, and unhappy thoughts started to darken my usually sunny mood, but I am assured that things are good as they are (what translates to : I’ll get the money I usually get), and after the Easter holidays I shall have a long tour again. Nevertheless I have to augment my search for another job.
Meanwhile I am surrounded by the virus and sick people. I am lucky, the last test (yesterday) was negative. My coughing is not virus related, but the result of my own carelessness : I went out into the sunshine some days ago, without a hat, exposed to nasty Eastern wind, bang : I could follow that cold from my head into my pharynx, through my throat into the bronchia, where it resides now and makes me produce silly noises when I gasp for air. Just do not make my laugh or cough, please ; inhaling salt water steam helps.
For some time now I heared Mr J.J. CALE in my head, so this Sunday Music is the title Travelling Light from his 1976 longplayer Troubadour. (Here, just for comparison, is the “studio live” version.) I hope you like the music. Let’s hope that the war will be over soon, and that the plague will vanish … in case, we have to travel light.



7 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Get well soon, my friend!
    The sunny weather is at odds with everything else, but I will appreciate it all the same – and I’ll avoid the wind, which plays havoc with my poor ears.

  2. Glad to see you again Ponita !
    My coughing improved, inhaling is good. I keep my mask on, and try to avoid to come too close to people. As I mentioned, in this house I know of some neighbours who became infected lately. Wonder how things will turn out after Easter.
    Thank you for showing up Ponita. I hope all your renovation work in your house did come to a good result – and what about the cats ?

    According to this article Devonians (is that correct ?) not only handle Covid, but also Norovirus, and the flu – and roll it into one “super cold”. Caramba !
    No matter how warm it seems to become over the day, the wind here is still dangerous. I will not leave my home without a kind of cap or hat for the weeks coming, dearest MsScarlet.

  3. I hope you are feeling better now. For me its all the plant sperm flying about in the air. A small wind sends puffs of gold pollen off of the alder trees. I would hide inside, but I cannot waste any sunlight as I have a lot of plants to get into the ground while nature can water them for me naturally.

  4. That East wind is a bugger! I’ve had to resort to my coat and scarf this last week (whereas, before that, a hoodie was sufficient).
    I hope you manage to avoid the plague – perhaps the worst will be over with after the holidays?

    Great music choice – a real toe-tapper!

  5. The Mistress LOVES J.J.Cale and had the pleasure of attending one of his performances, many moons ago. “Magnolia” is a favourite song from his opus.

    Be well, my friend!

  6. Nature just threw some centimeters of wet snow at anything here, dear Melanie. The bulbs would right now freeze their little arses off …

    Yeah, the wind is fierce – I use what I can find as turban, dear IDV.

    Thank you Mistress. I’m sorry, right now I am a bit speechless.

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