Sunday Music, Monday Edition

I am very sorry, I am not in the mood for talking much. Last night I watched the news, and the horror began creeping in, from Kiew’ suburbs via Budapest to Alaska (“Trump endorses Palin” proves that the Zombie apocalypse is near).
What keeps me sane is the kitchen, books, and hot water, either in the form of inhalation, or hot baths. “Outside” is where madness reigns, and the virus that makes my colleagues, neighbours & acquaintances drop. Of course masks are now (since 2nd of April) optional, but as for today I saw nobody without in the supermarket. Wearing a mask is mandatory at my work.
There is a picture that hounds me, I will have to say something about it sometime later.
Sunday Music today is pure escapism, I know. The only requirement for Sunday Music is, it must be under four minutes that allows to feel a bit better. Now let’s join Messrs Joe VENUTI and Eddie LANG of Joe Venuti’s Blue Four in the Blue Room. Today I read, at the end of a longer thought, that culture is not what you have, but what you do, and how you do it. Barbarity is always so near, always.



9 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. So my job is done, dear Eryl.

    At some occasions I was not unhappy wearing a mask, dear MsScarlet.

    Thank you for introducing me to Ms Fey, dear Dinahmow, I did not know her. Must be hard work to spoof Palin, who herself is a bad parody (with a gun).

  2. Try not to let the news get you down too much. There is nothing you can do about it. It rushes past you like a train with no stops. I’ve known many Republicans but none that like Palin. Maybe they finally balk at the idea of Trump supporting her, who knows.

    The deepest parts of my soul speak through drums. I have been trying to learn this song, it calls to me over this last week. Alas, I don’t speak Turkish! I feel it though. Perhaps she laments the lack of fine chocolate in the house. Me too sister, me too.

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