Sunday Music

For the last week I was bimbling vehicularily through the village for two hours a day, in the company of a human loudspeaker, as the stand-in for an ill colleague. My dispatcher gave me his word that I’d have a long drive again after Easter, I only hope the man remembers his promise. Tomorrow is a working day, I have to take care of the vehicle ; on Tuesday, in the very early morning, I will see my ophtalmologist, hopefully for the last time for a long time coming. My eyes seem to be alright, I have no afflictions or deficits, just some measurements must be taken to be sure. After that I will be free to vanish in generally Suebian direction, very likely by train.
I will not use the Lafayette Railroad (from Little Feat’s (Ger., Eng., website) first longplayer Dixie Chicken (1973)), but maybe the Westfrankenbahn (Ger.) for the full Hohenlohe experience, but I am not sure about it.
Now let’s listen to some slide guitar – I hope you like the music : May the coming week be bearable.



4 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. That was groovy music. When is Easter for you? My calendar says it will be on April 17th for the US. I don’t know if changes in Europe or not. I don’t keep track of such things. I only make note that it is a bad day to go out for breakfast because the religious crowd loves themselves and Easter bunch. Have a good week!

  2. Gr√ľndonnerstag is coming Thursday, 14th of April ; 15th is Charfreitag, follows the Easter weekend with silent Saturday, the holy night (“Osternacht”), and Dominica Resurrectionis. The date depends on the Lunar calendar, the first full moon of spring is important, so Easter may be sometimes between mid-March and end of April – for those who use the Georgian calendar. Some orthodox churches still use the Julian one. I will avoid the crowd anyway Melanie.

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