Sunday Music

Last week is gone, I am back in my apartement, stowed away like a toy mago in a doll’s house, and tomorrow the little tin machine will dutifully go back to work, cleaned & cranked up, robota robota. The last two weeks were good days, it becomes a little bit more difficult to separate at the end, every time.
This Sunday Music is composed by Nicola MATTEIS (ca. 1650, after 1713 ?) (Ger., Eng.). an Italian violonist & composer who lived & worked in London, and died at a place in Norfolk ; the piece is titled Diverse Bizzarrie Sopra la Vecchia Sarabanda o pur Ciaccona, the performing group is called Ground Floor (I could find nothing about them). I hope you enjoy the music, may the coming week be bearable.



7 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I like the imagery of “stowed away like a toy mago in a doll’s house” although at the same time it would make me sad if anyone were to treat you in such a way.

    Until next week, my firend!

  2. Glad to delight your morning, dear Dinahmow !

    This was how I felt last evening Melanie. But nobody treated me this way. It is just the feeling after some days of life, when I have to come back to existance … Oh yes, and “work” too.

  3. According to the German wiki entry he married a rich widow, and they both went to live at a place called Colkirk, where he died :
    “He began to feel himself grow rich, and then of course luxurious. He took a great house, and lived as one that was marryed, had a child… contracted bad diseases… excess of pleasure threw him into a dropsyes, and so he became poor. And dyed miserable.”

  4. I’ve seen the road signs for Colkirk and driven past it many a time, but have never been or even driven through.
    However, I have driven through the village just north of Colkirk – the wonderfully named Pudding Norton – during a detour.

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