Sunday Music, Monday Edition

I am tired. Tired of all that “heroism” that pops up like mushrooms after a warm rain. Mostly performed in the form of breast thumping speeches by people who never have been forced to shoot a gun in their lives. Tired of war mongering backbenchers, or self styled intellectuals, of any colour. I am tired of the nonsense I see in politics, in the society, in academia and culture – we live in perverting times. Words & meanings get perverted, turned around, abused, sometimes I think a part of the western society is suicidal, and I can not help – and do not care whether this marks me as an “elitist” – but the level of stupidity has risen. And I am too sad, and fed up, to look for excuses in me (Age ? Self loathing ? Early senilism ?). I am not in the mood for listing examples, a look into the news should be enough.
This Sunday Music is titled L’Indifference, performed by the Cafe Accordion Orchestra. (Here is a song with the same title performed by Gilbert BÉCAUD (Ger., Eng.), with English subtitles).
I hope you like the music. May it be a bearable week.



4 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. Exactly how I feel.Bloody politicians drive me bonkers! And we have an election this month! And the floods!!!As usual, it’s volunteers helping while our Glorious Leader buys another submarine…Bah! humbug!

  2. The music is lovely! I too hate all the theatrics politicians put on in times like these and there words are rather hollow. I think about the younger generations of Ukrainians getting scarred by this and the older ones who had endured much before had some many years of relative peace only to have to endure again. The ones that survive that is.

  3. I feel less settled, more loaded, dear MsScarlet

    One always should have an escape option ready, submarine sounds nice, dear Dinahmow.

    Ach, ach, und nochmal ach … I think this shit will only end when Vlad bites the dust, dear Melanie.

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