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A sudden “spike” in the statistics of my blog made me wonder – fifty readers from the US on one day ? A look in the overflowing spam filter taught me that the “Oraggs” (Ugo, Adelaide and all the others) felt the urge to bring me in contact with “girls”. Oh yes, it is so bluntly boring, I miss them Nigerian princes, businessmen, and astronauts – those were the days …
Innocently enough I was reading about days of past in a book about Bavarian history, where I found the following text cited :
“Rußland kann und wird nicht ruhen, bis es entweder selbst gebrochen ist oder das Präsidium der bewohnten Erde errungen hat. Soll Europa russisch oder soll Rußland europäisch werden ?”
Roughly : “Russia can not and will not rest until it is either itself broken or the ruler of Earth. Shall Europe become Russian, or Russia European ?”
These sentences were written by Jakob Philipp FALLMERAYER (1790-1861) (Ger., Eng.) in an essay about the “oriental question” (known as the Eastern question in anglosaxon historiography) (Ger., Eng.), “Deutschland und die orientalische Frage” in 1855. No real change there in the last 170 years.
The only antidote to brutality & uglyness is beauty – as it may be found in music, and elsewhere too. Today’s Sunday Music finds beauty in a composition by Gabriel FAURÉ (1845-1924) (Ger., Eng.): Nocturne No.3 in A-Flat Major (that’s As-Dur, Op.33 No 3), performed by Kun-Woo PAIK (Eng.). I hope you like the music.



9 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Über alles in der Welt ! Radical aesthetics, that’s the spirit, Mistress dearest !

    Nobody wants to be Russian MsScarlet. It is an innate condition.

    Glad to see that your digital ambulations do lead you here IDV.

    I am slowly discovering these late 19th century composers, dearest Savannah – and I wonder how much I have missed …

  2. Let’s hear it for Nigerian princes! I, too, get these ‘girls’ offers ☹️ I’ll have to wait to listen to the tune , it wants to redirect me to YouTube, I’m sure it will be wonderful.
    Happy week , Mago, X

  3. “Redirect” you to youtube ? I am sorry Eryl, it should simply start to play the music when you click it, as it did with nearly all Sunday Music videos. There have been only a very few that requested to be watched on / via youtube, and that was caused by something legal, and / or the uploader wanted the user to use exactly this channel and no other, for whatever reasons. But as I mentioned, this really occurred very seldom. I usually avoid such things. Sorry that you have to deal with … thingy.

  4. I’m late again! But this is very soothing. Thank you. (Earlier, I was listening to Ravel’s quartet in F major, but dogs were determined to bark harder. So this is lovely.)

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