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Here we are, filled with salad, waiting for rain. The rain was promised for several days to come through last week. But while other places, like Suebia, got washed, sun dried Franconia still has to wait for some sparse droplets of heavenly water.
Did something happen in my world ? Nothing at all. I do my nerve wrecking work (trying not to strangle my booming co-driver ; she has the ability to make me fall silent, not that she’d realise, with one sentence : We passed one of the huts where local farmers offer fresh asparagus, when she happily bawled out that “in my kitchen asparagus comes out of the glass – that’s as good as fresh, ha !” I glanced over to be sure that she was serious about this, and she was. Irony is an alien concept for her.), nerve wrecking I say ; the rest of the day I try to cook, and of course read. I expect this week to be similar to the last.
It is summer now, and soon this Sunday will end. This Sunday Music is aptly titled Sommerabend, and we have it performed by Ralf ILLENBERGER (Ger., Eng.) and Peter AUTSCHBACH (Ger., Eng.). ILLENBERGER is of course one half of the legendary guitar duo KOLBE (Ger.)-ILLENBERGER (website).
In the course of the last week I found one or two things I wanted to write about here, but for what ever reasons I did not. And now I have forgotten what it was. Wasn’t important then.
I hope you enjoy the music. May we all have an uneventful week.



13 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. What did your co-driver mean about the asparagus coming out of the glass? I wouldn’t like glass in my asparagus.
    Have a peaceful week, m’dear.

  2. We finally had some rain here on Thursday – or was it Friday? Whenever it was, it was sorely needed. The rain made the salad grow, but it also made it nice and cool and damp for the slugs and snails which made a start on the lettuce leaves before I could! I hope you get your proper rain soon, Mago.

    Asparagus in a glass = the stems in a glass of water to keep them fresh??

  3. Glad you like it, dearest Anna.

    To preserve asparagus it is bottled, it is not canned : You shave it, put it in a bottle / glass container, fill up with (boiled) Essigwasser (water with a drop of vinegar), close the container, and then cook it in water for roughly 1 and one half hours. So you can store “asparagus”. What comes out of this bottle after a year or two shares the name with fresh asparagus, but not much else. You can use the bottled stuff for salads, if you must. I think it is a waste of perfectly good asparagus. And to say it would be “as good as fresh” is, to say it friendly, a little bit exaggerated. And I am really no kitchen snob of the “freshfreshfresh” brigade. I hope that I can get rid of the loudspeaker soon. But I fear I have to endure this dumme Nuss until the end of the school year.
    Have a good week too MsScarlet.

    A good memory of summer then, dear Dinahmow

  4. Sorry IDV, I was interrupted by the phone while I had started to answer the comments, and you snug in.
    I saw very few slugs & snails – I think they will op out of the earth after the next rain. In Suebia they await hail, thunderstorm, and all the goodies, while here is nothing – booh !

    As I explained to MsScarlet before, it is a way to preserve asparagus – the German word is “einwecken”. One of the few occasions when the name of a company producing the equipment became a verb describing the whole process. WECK produces (since 1900, but it feels much longer !) the glasses you need to “cook fruit or vegetable in”. Again, one can do this to asparagus, but it is a waste. Asparagus is a seasonal vegetable, I can not see that it would be a nice treat in wintertime.

  5. I am not sure whether “to pickle something” involves to boil it, MsScarlet. The asparagus is stuffed head down into a glass bottle, filled up with vinegar and water, then the bottle is closed with a kind of metal clamp (and the gummi ring !), and boiled. So the asparagus in the bottle gets boiled too, all bad things get destroyed, and the whole thing is preserved for ages to come.
    I think that “pickled” means something is “eingelegt”, simply put into a kind of water/vinegar solution, or a marinade, and that it does not involve cooking / heating – but I may be wrong, of course !

    Cool ! I try to get my head around this Eryl – how does one grow up to see the world this way ?

  6. I think the only way to eat asparagus is fresh when it’s in season. But that’s just my preference. We’d probably all be better off if we ate what was in season. Beautiful music, sweetpea! xoxo

  7. Glad to be helpful, dear Mistress

    Right now it’s the Strawberry-in-cold-champagne-season, dear Savannah – I will open the season tomorrow evening !

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