Sunday Music

Sorry, no asparagus today. But something nice happened last week related to my work, and it was in true Knights’ form. On Thursday I was told that I’d do the route on Friday morning for the last time. I should bring the co-driver home, park the vehicle there, and wait – they’d pick me up. So I disinfected my former workplace on Friday morning, and waited – until a young lady showed up, and drove me around. We finally reached our destination, where I was given a print of the basic data for my new route, the key to the new vehicle, and a friendly “Off you go !”
The only downside was that I could not enter the vehicle – I should loose a few pounds, really. So a contortionist had to be found, but finally I rumbled off. Pretty happy btw, because finally I drive over land again. It is not as long as what I had before the pause, but better than what I had to do for the last few weeks. I expect that I will keep this tour until the end of the school year – in other words, the end of July. Best thing so far, the new co-driver likes classical music too. There is hope.
Today’s Sunday Music is a little piece by BACH, the Sarabande from his French Suite Nr. 1 (in d-moll), performed by Gila GOLDSTEIN. I hope you enjoy the music. May the coming week be restful & relaxing !



11 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Yes, it really seems to be pleasant drive from what I saw on Frayday afternoon. The weather will be a mixed bag, we are promised thunderstorm & hail for tomorrow. It would be a shame to see hail hit the fields, so I am content with thunder, lightning and heavy rain.
    Thank you MsScarlet – best wishes for you !

  2. So pleased you are back on-track ! And with a like-minded c0-driver. And here we have a new Government! Too early for alcohol, but I raise my coffee in salute!

  3. I read that the change came as a surprise, dear Dinahmow. The new gouvernement seems to stand for a general re-juvenation, modernisation. Good luck with all that.
    Yes, I hope that this co-driver will be a bit “easier” than others I had the pleasure to kindly ignore.

  4. Thank you Melanie – I really like to drive over the countryside in the morning. Anything else is also on the good side.

    Thank you Ponita. She is very “Franconian” : Rather quiet, soft spoken – and you better listen, because now and then there is a little bombshell hidden. I like her humour. Sadly I have no idea how long I will stay on this bus, but I guess until the end of the actual school year.

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