Sunday Music, Monday Edition

Back from Suebia – they get all the goodies there : Hail, thunder & storm, dramatic clouds, the whole experience ! While Franconia is plain sunny. I was moonlighting in Suebia as foot warmer, successfully I may add, a nice sideline.
The world moves on unimpressed by my abilities, so it is only just that I turn around – and counter world’s indifference with elegant swing : Mssrs DESMOND (Ger., Eng.), HALL (Ger., Eng.), CHERICO (Ger., Eng.) and KAY (Ger., Eng.) present to us the theme from Black Orpheus (Manhã de Carnaval ) from their 1963 long-player Take Ten (Eng.).
I hope you like the music. May you never have to suffer from cold feet through this week !



10 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. Thank You, Sir. Hope it was the start of a swinging day, gently breezing …

    It involved pressing some icy feet against my belly, gentle rubbing, and producing a general feeling of warmth, ease, and je ne sais quoi. It is right when the sofa floats.

  2. Tah ! This screams for a socking post, dearest MsScarlet – soon to follow ! And thank you.

    A rubbing sock is bad, while a rubbing foot warmer is good, n’est ce pa, dearest Anna ?

    Glad you like the music, dear Dinahmow !

  3. Well, that was some lovely Sunday morning swing, Mago.

    Like Melanie, I also have cold feet, but I won’t inflict their hideousness upon you. (Besides, I’m not sure even my long legs could stretch across to Franconia)

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