Sunday Music

Franconia bakes under the sun, it is well over 30° C. The sky looks milky, like when you spill milk on the sink, under a thin white film the metal shines through. It will get a bit cooler through the night, and tomorrow we’ll only reach the mid-twenties, but the heat will slowly come back, a little rain may be expected for the second part of the week.
There are gushes of hot air. I hope it will be bearable tomorrow afternoon ; work starts in the early morning, when all will be fresh and cool.
Nothing new here. All is prepared for the working week, paper heaps on the desk were properly dealt with – after all, and some weeks, most things can be ripped apart / thrown away, what stays is important and must be dealt with properly, then it’s “file & forget”.
I found a translation (cheater !) of Cicero’s conversations (Ger., Eng.) in Tusculum (Ger., Eng.) , and want to read it now. I have no idea why, but it seems to be apt. Visiting the place would be nice, preferably not in the summer heat. I would like to travel from Cicero’s villa and garden to Montaigne’s tower (Ger., Eng.) – maybe one could use a history of philosophy as trip advisor ? I am pretty sure that this was already done, but I know of no example.
Let’s listen to some gentle music, a little foxtrot composed by Alexander N. ZFASMAN (1906-1971) (Ger., Eng.), a gentle little piece of music that does not want to be something else but a gentle piece of music. I hope you like it. May the coming week be friendly to all of us.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. had to do the conversion to get the temp, but no matter how you list it, 30C or 86F, that’s hot! We had a few days of high temps and cool nights, but this is California, so it’s expected. I read that in Savannah, it was in the upper 90s, but felt like over 105! So, all things considered, right now I’m happy to be where I am. Lovely music and perfect for a Sunday morning! xoxo

  2. Our brief heatwave ended with a short but violent thunderstorm last night. I liked the music, I’d like to play it on my piano. Cheery.

  3. When it goes over 30° C I feel a bit stressed, when it goes over 35 I am of no more use. Thankfully the next week’s temperatures will stay under the magic 30. It will be hot enough in that tin can I am driving around. There is an additional unit for cooling / heating that I will happily put to test tomorrow.
    I believe that high temperatures are nothing new for you and all your family, dear Savannah, so I am sure I do not have to worry, simply because you handle this professionally, while Franconians have a tendency to improvise …
    Glad you liked the music.

    I am sure you move with elegance and style through garden and house, dear Dinahmow, avoiding giant spider webs and the puddles of the last deluge.

    If it cheers you up, then it did the trick, dear Z.

  4. But it takes two to tango. Waltz with me, Dotty !

    You live in a strange land Mistress – half of the year it is too cold & frozen for anything, then it is too hot to foxtrot … when do you people over there get something done ? It must be leisure all the way !

  5. Heating ! Marching over the Devon ice fields, in a thermovest … herrjeh … Who knew that life could be so harsh on that island in the Northern Sea ?!
    I hope you have enough cut wood stored, dearets MsScarlet !

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