Sunday Music

On last Frayday I created art with the help of my vehicle and a garden fence. FONTANA (Ger., Eng.) inspired (Concetto spaciale, Tagli ) I call it Break on Through I. Sadly I can not produce photographic evidence, but I am ready to market the installation as non-fungible-token, offers welcome.
Besides this I tried not to melt away over the course of the last week. Heat and humidity pulled on my nerves badly, the additional working day yesterday did not help. I felt more and more knätschig, irritated and grumpy, to a point when I did not like myself.
I followed the news last week, and read two pieces regarding the inner US situation, for the first time I think (realise ?) that the United States will implode. This train of thoughts started well before the supreme court – in the guise of four male reactionaries and a pang-stupid housewife – published its decision, what was only the cherry on top. This decision is the start of a roll back, I fear. Maybe I write about it later.
But this is Sunday Music, the antidote to ugliness & stupidity. Today it is CHOPINs (1810-1849) (Ger., Eng.) Nocturne Op. 9, No. 1 in B-flat minor, performed by Brigitte ENGERER (1952-2012) (Ger., Eng.). I hope you like the music. May the coming week bring peace, for all, everywhere.



10 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I’m not going to say anything about that backward step that is likely to result in many American women being thrown into the abyss, because I’m trying to stay calm. But I will say, the music was lovely. X

  2. The situation in the US is maddening, horrifying, and outrageous. My blood just boils with the injustices happening there with this, and with the more than likely upcoming attacks on everyone else who isn’t white and well off. But I agree with Eryl… the music was lovely. Take care, dear Mago. xx

  3. Great music, with varying levels of crappiness this week for everybody! I know I live in California and am out of the “dangerous age” but even our state can’t legislate against all the coming madness. xoxo

  4. Glad that you like the music, dear Eryl. About the US malarky we better stay silent.

    Poor & non-white is bad, un-american, not “our people”. Glad you like the music Ponita.
    BTW – are you homeless now ?

    The fence was passive-aggressive. It snapped at my vehicle and did not let go, so I needed in the end brute force of some hundreds horses to break free. Un-animated objects ? One may doubt. My offer still stands, customers are not countable.
    Glad you like the music, dear IDV.

    Sorry Savannah. One may wonder what these guys will decide next. We should not forget that Moscow Mitch was baking judges literally up to the last day. Their only qualification seemingly was to utter “Rule my fuehrer, I’ll obey !” Cool approach to the concept of separation of powers.

  5. I hope your art was non-injurious?
    I get the grumps like that when I’m cold or too hot, and also when hungry and tired.
    Anyhow, I can barely read any news any more – it makes me feel ill. I am disturbed and depressed by everything I read, and I feel constantly on edge with no clue what to do about it all.

  6. I love Chopin! Are you trying to soothe the savage beast? I have one within me. Love for my family keeps me grounded, without them, it’s best not to think about it. Someone who teaches fire how to grow probably shouldn’t be pushed to extremes.

  7. AS for now nobody said something about paying for the fence Melanie. AS I understood I am covered by some insurance of the Knights. My dispatcher said that the fence’s owners should not make any fuzz with insurance etc., but replace the damaged part and send over the bill (what would it be ? 200 € or something.), and that would be that. I dutifully filled out the form for the incident report, but the colleague was mostly interested in our own vehicle. And there is nothing, not even real scratches in the bumper area. Polish over & forget.

    Frederic is great. I am really looking for beauty to not despair, seriously. I am not becoming angry, but melancholic and sad, turning inwards. This is not too good. But music, art, and of course some beloved humans, do help.

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