Sunday Music

Nothing new here. The sun sends rays from an immaculate sky, still 27°C in my appartement. Thankfully not as much humidity as the days before, so the heat is better bearable. Nevertheless some light rain would be very welcome.
This leads us casually to this Sunday’s Music, the title Gentle Rain by Art FARMER (1928-1999) (Ger., Eng.), originally from his 1972 lp Gentle Eyes (Eng.), here in a remastered version from 1991. I hope you like the music.
May we all face a bearable week.



9 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Been flipping cold and wet here. I am yet to discard my vest as there is no summer in Devon.
    The tune is very mellow, very appropriate for warm days.

  2. 27°C?!? Flippin’ heck, Mago – I hope it cools down soon.
    We’ve been more fortunate than you (and Ms Scarlet) here – temps in the low 20s with plenty of sun, but enough clouds to keep things from getting too hot (and very much needed rain showers).

    Lovely music. I’m just going to give it another listen…

  3. So it’s time we have a look at the Polka collection Savannah !

    Thermovest for ever ! Another problem a la mode solved MsScarlet !

    Who thought that elysium is found on the Norwich coast ? I had no idea IDV

  4. I’m sorry, I’ve got no time for slow leisurely music around here. It’s more “Flight of the Bumblebees” for me. I hope it will cool down for you soon. Perhaps you need to make a good old-fashioned American Hillbilly “swamp cooler.” Simply have a fan blow over a bucket of ice for instant air conditioning. Just don’t let the fan’s electrical cord get wet.

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