Public Transport. Or Not

Sorry, a bit of a whine fest, but the anger still reverberates.
Yesterday we decided that I would visit today in Suebia. So I dutifully checked the train connection, and found all good – no more nasty construction work, a simple one-change-only journey in time. Due to sad experience, I also looked at the bus connection, all well. So I stood at the bus station too early this morning, enjoying fresh air, and singing birds in that plane tree. Some other people joined, four or five. The bus made its way up the hill in time, followed its path, some minutes later it appeared at the top of the hill downwards bound, I grabbed my portemonnaie to buy a ticket.
The bus set its indicator to the right, turned, there it went. We looked at each other in astonishment. A lady stated the obvious – the driver followed the detour that had been rescinded last week. “He must realise his mistake, and should come up the hill in five minutes or so.” After ten minutes it was clear that he would not. A younger couple went away, a young foreign man, seemingly a student, looked at his phone (the app of the local transport facility is useless for some days now, I accidentally had heared it in the local news while driving), I felt a wave of sheer, red anger rolling over me.
So I did not realise that the lady was talking to me. I could not follow and as friendly as I could manage in this situation I asked her to leave me alone. I felt the need to move and walked around the plane tree. She actually asked whether I would share a taxi cab, what I did not want. A car stopped, driven by another lady, they chatted, and both drove away.
I was still there unsure what to do, trying to come to a conclusion. I knew that the next bus would come soon, but this one, as experience has it, would arrive too late at the station to catch the train. So I phoned Suebia.
I slowly wandered a few steps down the road still talking on the phone, when the first bus came bimbling up the hill, the driver waving at me to join, while the next regular was behind him. Yes, at this moment I became a bit upset, and told him very clearly that I would not need his service now. It was really useless by then, more than 15 minutes over time.
While I went home, two small white dogs came and looked at me, turning away unimpressed, literally shoving me aside. At home I felt the need for a cup of coffee and a cigarette. That was when I realised that I was out of rolling paper.
Still mumbling I decided to look into the computer, I simply was afraid that I had missed something last evening. But no, all departure times were as I had wrote them down. Then I saw at the Deutsche Bahn site a little red notice under the connection I had wanted to reach, reading “Kein Halt heute”. “No Stop today”. Whadyamean?
It hit me like a hammer – even if I would have jumped into this rotten bus – and hence run through the bus station & the main station to reach that damn platform – there would not have been a train. Just a huffing, puffing, and yelling mago. At this moment tears of anger appeared in my eyes.
This “express” just shuttles between the Franconian and the Suebian capital, and for whatever godless reasons it stops for a crew change in a town called Lauda, just behind (or before) the frontier between Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Sometimes there is no new crew, and then the train parks and the passengers wait in the rain for an hour until the following train comes by. Been there, done that. It always rains in Lauda.
Last night they had no replacement crew, and nobody could be arsed to drive the train towards Franconia in the morning. So of course it started from Lauda. How to reach this rotten place was not part of the travel information.
At this moment I yelled nasty words.
Later I went to the supermarket to buy stuff like fag paper, things I could put on bread. On the parking lot, near the plastic shed for the shopping trolleys, I was greeted by a man who had worked for The Knights (he was basically driving his now sadly deceased daughter), a now retired theoretical physicist, who (unasked) explained his view of the pandemic to me. It is a wild conspiracy theory that left me feeling very uneasy, because of his earnest, seriousness, and sense of mission. I had had a good rapport with his daughter, liked to discuss with his wife (a mathematician), and he sees me as one of the worthy, who just needs to be told the truth.
After all this, the rest of the day felt strangely empty. i wanted to cook, and had all the ingredients ready, they are still sitting there next to the sink, but I feel torpid. I want a fag, sleep, and forget this day.


9 thoughts on “Public Transport. Or Not

  1. That is infuriating and demonstrates yet again that public transport chiefs have no respect at all for its users. I have long thought that no one in government or the civil service should be entitled to car expense claims, only public transport. It would be transformed in weeks.

  2. I wholeheartedly support this idea Zoe ! Those responsible should use the things they force their paying customers to use, sometimes endure.
    It is not only the lack of organisation, but simple basics too. On a stretch of railway I travel several times in months I can see the difference.
    The only ones, who get their stuff right, are the guys from The Netherlands. Their cars are always clean, nothing leaks (and stinks). One can put the head on the headrest without the fear of getting stuck ! They generally use older (cleverly refurbished & heavier) rolling material, so the passengers are not thrown around like in the oh-so-fab (lighter) modern cars. AND : The seating position is more comfortable than in the new carriages ! They put in front a (old) heavy duty goods locomotive that will not collapse.
    If it is possible I use a train by this company “Abellio”. Sad to say that the English competitor “Go Ahead” generally has a lower standard – there is always a door not working. As I read in the news last week, the company is sold to who ever knows, maybe a Chinese group.
    The trains of “Deutsche Bahn” are just plain stinking standard – at least the guys who collect the returnable bottles are reliable there. (And sometimes know the schedule better than the conducteur !)

  3. I’m with you on the public (pfft!) transport.
    So sorry you had such a muddled and frsutratng day, Mago Perhaps a chilled glass of good German wine…

  4. White Burgundy is something not to be sneered at, as I can tell you from first hand experience, dearest Dinahmow. The (German) Riesling is still unknown territory for me. I was told good things about it, but the stuff I had an encounter with up to date, was rather under-whelming, no matter what was printed on the etiquette.
    No Riesling here, sorry. Time for a last gulp and Heia, tüdellüt …

  5. Oh, dear. You know things are bad when even a dog won’t give you the time of day :(

    Still, it’s over now – and hopefully you’re having a good weekend (even though its not the one you planned)?

  6. I agree that transit administrators should have to spend time using public transit. I would have each one of them spend their daily rush-hour commute on a crowded New York subway, and do this for a month. They wouldn’t last a day.

  7. Quiet, relaxed – I can’t complain IDV – thank you for your concern.

    I want some head honchos forced to sit for four hours on the window seats with the limited legroom ; it’s back breaking, medieval torturers would be proud of it. Ach, everybody needs those small escapes Mistress dearest …

  8. White dogs are like that, I know because I live with one.
    Public transport has always been like this in the UK. It is appalling, and they wonder why people won’t use it more, or rely on it to get from a to b. Things seem to only get worse.
    I am sorry to read about your conspiracy encounter on top of everything else – not needed.

  9. What we face here re public transport is the result of long neglect MsScarlet. A certain “manager” was only interested in making the former state owned company look good, investing in infrastructure was not on the agenda. And exactly this stupidity takes vengeance now.
    This guy ruined any company he was “leading” for sure, thank GOd he’s now retired.

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