Sunday Music

A quiet and relaxed day it was. I cooked a variation of Bubespitzle, resided lazily on the sofa, and read. Fortunately none of the neighbours felt the need to drill a hole in the wall, or for other noisy operations. So I heard over the day some cocks, dogs, different birds, at one point waterfowl I think (the village ocean is not too distant).
The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (Ger., Eng., website) plays the title Djembé, a part of Andrew YORKs (Eng.) African Suite. The djembé (Ger., Eng.) in question plays Tim TIMMERMANS, about whom I could find no information.
I hope you like the music. May the coming week be friendly to all of us.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I had to look up ‘Bubespitzle’ – Did you make yours with flour or potato?

    Glad to hear you had a quiet and relaxed day. Your village has an ocean?!? It’s obviously much grander than my village – we don’t even have a pond. Although, we are right next to a sea…

    Delightful music!

  2. I LIVE in Los Angeles and this is my first time hearing of this group! They started in the ’80s at USC where the MITM went to college for a few years! Glad your Sunday was restful. I’m enjoying mine as well, and here it is 14:34 and I’m still in PJs! Here’s to a great week, sweetpea! xoxo

  3. Kind of funny that a guitar quartet would have a song called Djembe. The Djembe is the first type of hand drum I learned to play. I used to be part of a drum circle and those were happy times. I’m glad you had a relaxing weekend, and no one was boring peep holes into your apartment.

  4. Also called “Schupfnudeln”, known in a lot of variations in the South-German kitchen, including Austria etc. I cheated, sorry IDV. I bought a package of ready made Schupfnudeln made from potatoe flour. I know only the Suebian recipe, then they are served with Sauerkraut und Speck – yes, this is Krautland after all. I first roasted mushrooms, then the Bubespitzle, added spices, and finally the content of a small can of hacked tomatoes. It all went well together, and tasted astonishingly well.
    I will have to publish photographic evidence of the Franconian ocean’s existance …

    It’s a village, this LA – but you finally can’t know everybody there, dearest Savannah. I think Sunday is a great invention, we simply need at least one day off, two are better. Now it’s roboting as usual again.

    I would like to hear the whole of YORKs African Suite, Djembe is just one song from it. But I found no coherent take on youtube, so would have to search the pieces together – not knowing for how many I had to look.
    The boring activity is remarkably low, but the Franconian DIY’er is reckless & incalculable. There may be stretches of calm, but one day – bang ! – the Bosch-Hammer gets started again … preferably Frayday evening after 21:00.

  5. I fear there is room for improvement regarding the temperatures, dear MsScarlet.

    The Suebians will love you to bits, dearest Mitzi. Glad to see you back from Tennerriffe !

    Another Bubespitzle admirer – I really should ask the Suebians for an allowance when I do their PR here.

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