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Another week blurred by – one whole week passes by in an instant, while one Sunday afternoon stretches seemingly endlessly ; ach, wonders of physics, another pothole in the space-time-continuum (Ger., Eng.). Maybe the new telescope should turn around ?
I do not know, it is all cosmic, and mechanical, and pneumatic, GOd what do I know ?
What I know is that the infection rates do go up. Regular tests for the kids are re-introduced in school, colleagues have to pause because they are infected. The hope that the worst would be over, is belied by the actual developments, so things will not necessarily be better in autumn, when families will return from their holiday travels. I had my second booster injection some days ago, I really do not want to take any risk with this virus.
All round business as usual. In Europe they quarrel daggers drawn about money and democracy, the US keeps revolving around an orange ass, while in the East the war machine rumbles on & on.
Let’s turn away from the disgusting things we call “politics”, “history freshly made”, or simply vileness – it will of course not go away when we don’t look. It will be there next time, but it is better for heart, brain, and “belief in mankind” to ignore, at least for a short time.
Today’s Sunday Music is a little piece titled Pastorale (Ger., Eng.), composed by Germaine TAILLEFERRE (1892-1983) (Ger., Eng.) in 1942, when she was in exile in Philadelphia. We hear Massimo MARIN (about) on violin, and Cristina ARIAGNO (about) on piano. I hope you enjoy the music. May we face a bearable week, preferably in the shade …



17 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Lovely, dear friend! I’ve been trying to keep a positive outlook on the world and humanity lately. Sometimes it works, and other times I rail at the lunacy that seems to infect us! I think I’ll spend the rest of this Sunday enjoying the outdoors and my family! xoxo

  2. This is lovely! I’ll try to recall it in my head tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a stressful day, but I don’t want you to worry about it. I’ll try to post something on Wednesday.

  3. Doesn’t it Dinahmow ! And somewhere towards the end it sounds like birds (sparrows ?) chilping in a bush, a little angry perhaps. Guess the cat strolled by.

    The lunacy is there, and stays, regardless of our attitude towards it. So in our best understood selfinterest the best attitude is a relaxed one – as long as possible …
    I enjoyed indoors and solitude Savannah.

    Hope your day is not as stressful as feared, and maybe the music may help a bit Melanie.

  4. Here’s nothing balmy, it’s a scorcher, and tomorrow will be even better they say. The evening (and I fear the coming night) will bring no real relieve, the thermometer showed 25° C just ten minutes ago in my living room, so the Scotch balmyness is enviable, dearest Eryl. Good to learn that the pastorale fitted in.

  5. Yes, we’re as hot as Miss Scarlet but we’re more accustomed to it even though we don’t like it, of course. Unlike the UK and Europe, most businesses here have air conditioning and many homes have air conditioning, too. That makes a huge difference in your comfort level if you’re indoors. Nonetheless, I don’t turn on the air conditioning unless the heat is unbearable. And it will be unbearable today, as the day wears on.

  6. I have recovered from Monday! Just. It was last night that I found tricky – the heat just hung in the air as the breeze dropped and didn’t reclaim the warmth. But we had a thunderstorm yesterday morning so the West Country isn’t suffering like the East of the UK. I’m grateful, 36 degrees was way too much for me. 25 degrees is my limit.

  7. In my appartement I have built-in air conditioning Mistress, it’s a window.
    Curtains help to keep the heat outside, simply because there is no direct sunlight into the room. BTW do you know the German expression for curtains, Vohrhänge, “Stores” ?

    Today the thermo did not drop below 35° C from midday onwards, I felt pretty half-baked while driving … We stopped for the kids to fill up on water midway this afternoon, just to be sure. Anything over 30° C makes me uncomfortable, over 35¬ I have to grip meself together, dear MsScarlet.

    And while we innocently chatter about the weather, you have some parts ripped out of yer body, bloody understatement, dearest Melanie. Just a flesh wound, eh ? And people ask what blogging is all about …
    I hope it all went well, and you may have a nice scar to show. Frankly, I have no idea what a gallbladder is and where to find it, but it seems to be a neglectable part. Maybe a salt-free diet …
    Honey, I love you. Please recover fully etcetc.

  8. For one delightful moment there, in Mr Mago’s question to Mistress, that we were going to have a sex-off between her and Ms S. That’d certainly take my mind off geopolitics for a while.

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