trallala … buvons donc !

Things happen fast & brutal in the adventurous world that is a bus driver’s life. I had to give my car to a new colleague, the snake I nurtured on my bosom over the last days. My (rather hyper) dispatcher told me that he’d need me as stand-by now. Things were hectic at this morning, and when I walked away from my now ex-vehicle I asked him whether he’d call me – “Of course I’ll call you back” may be the most common lie nowadays. In earlier days it was “The check is in the post”. After busily waiting until the early afternoon for the non-call, I realised that I would not drive (yesterday’s) afternoon, and surely not today’s morning.
So I am busily doing nothing, waiting for a call.
Actually I wanted to write about Artificial Intelligence, these algorhythms that wrote BEETHOVENs tenth symphony, calculate insurance premia, run computer trading at the exchange, and GOd alone may know what these machines already “do for us”. Now the image creating program DALL-E is hyped, but it is not the only one of its kind. More users will be allowed, so the thing gets better training.
I am not sure where all this is headed. Yesterday I saw in the news an autonomous roboter dog with a submachine gun mounted, one can buy it for some thousand dollars. I think the “dog” is still “un-intelligent”, and will shoot at anything in range, when programmed / ordered to do so. Do I want “intelligence added to such a perversion ? So little Blammo can act even more independently, and “decide” when to shoot whom ?
Anyway, it is much too hot to think seriously, especially about morals & ethics. Subjects by the way, that are absolutely unimportant in this modern world’s politics, it is simply again all about who has the bigger club. The stupidity of this testosterone-driven boneheadedness is simply stunning ; the responsiveness of the masses for the most simple and obvious lies is mind-crashing. Where’s my high horse, damn it ?! To end on a light note – War to the bottles !



8 thoughts on “trallala … buvons donc !

  1. Before coming here I placed a phone order for some fancy crown molding to go around the kitchen ceiling. Between that and this music I suddenly feel very fancy, very fancy indeed. Don’t bother with the smelling salts, it is best that I continue to rest without too many adventures of the day.

    I’m sorry a snake stole your bus, how rude! Will this press you to work for other work then?

  2. Glad to be supportive to your fancyness, Melanie I hope you will not start working on this kitchen ceiling in the very near future. Working overhead is surely no good for the process of convalescencing.
    My work shrivelled to no work with full payment, at least for the next time to come. I am on “stand by”, and hopefully all colleagues stay healthy. If one drops, I’ll climb the driver’s seat.

    Und Alles in bedrohlich nüchternem Zustand, Anna ! Ich hab’ gestern entschieden, daß mal Schluß sein muß mit dem Alk – wegen der Kippen : Ich mag’s einfach nimmer.

  3. Scarlet van WInkle ? Are you the eighth sleeper ?

    I am not jobless, just a lost soul waiting for a call – I’m on “stand-by”. And as urgent as my master sounded, I expected to jump right onto the next vehicle doing busy brumm-brumm – Pfeifendeckel !
    Now I’m left out, and waitwaitwait … On the other hand, the last two days were so awfully hot that the idea to sit & drive alone was terrifying, I do seriously pity the poor colleagues. And in two days the school year ends, so it is only Thursday’s and Frayday’s (and Frayday very short) work left – I have the feeling that they can cope without me very well … I already have this end-of-work-feeeling, what results usually in a small illness (sneeze, headches, something like a cold, esp. because of the aircon) – that describes my last weekend very well. In the end I am ready as a man can be for the holidays …

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