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One would have to look up the definition by the criminal code, but Merriam-Webster (Ger., Eng.) defines in its online edition “treason” as “the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance ( … )”.
It seems that not one single member of the USAmurigan ruling class can be arsed to look into a Dictionnaire. This country is truly ruled by weaklings, who have never heard of the words responsibility & duty, or grasped the concept of “allegiance to the State”.
As I read, the traitor plans to throw out thousands of state officials when he will have returned to the trough, they will (at least in part) be replaced by “fighters against the “Deep State” – so that there will be no more “State” left, just an openly corrupt kleptocracy.
At least everything will carry a nice & clear price tag again.


6 thoughts on “Just Aside

  1. It is a dilemma; I cannot let them win. I’m from a family of fighters, but when is enough…enough? I am getting old and tired, but I cannot abandon the younger generations of Americans to this hypocrisy.

  2. I’ve had to stop looking at the news, especially about that. My son lives in Pittsburgh and has just become a citizen of the USA, so it’s too close, emotionally, and I can do nothing to help. Not even make him his favourite supper ☹️

  3. I think the real test will come when the traitor will stand for election again Dinahmow. Regardless of the result, the outcome of this election will be the final end of the US leading role : The West can not be lead by a destabilised democracy.

    I wish the younger US generations would wake up, and develop something like a political idea or consciousness. But even if they would, I believe it is too late now Melanie. According to polls less than the half of the population still trusts political institutions – young people who grow up in such a mind-set simply have no clue about what “politics” is. What you can do is teach, tell them, make them aware of what has been, make them recognise lies.

    Sorry Eryl. No worries, proud Scots lived through worse but a little calamities in the overseas !
    He’ll eat what the aboriginies eat – if they can stomach it …

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