Sunday Music, Monday Edition

It is very humid in Suebia. I was given some tasks to fulfil while I am staying here, like hoover the rooms, go out & buy some necessities (mostly bread and beer), take care of the garbage – all things necessary while others go out and earn all the dosh for this life of luxury, teehee …
The already mentioned humidity prevented me from finishing the hoover action, I started leaving little puddles behind when I stayed too long at one position to surely suck in the last dust bunny, or its grandchild, little bunny. The weather forecast says that rain & thunderstorm will start at 16:00 – and given the fact that it is a Suebian forecast, one can be nearly one hundred percent sure that it will start not one minute before 16:00. This would be un-Suebian. But, of course, you will not find the smallest hint of Suebian bashing here, never.
Today’s Sunday Music is Mr Brad MEHLDAUs (b. 1970) (Ger., Eng.) version of McCARTNEYs (b. 1942) (Ger., Eng.) Blackbird (Ger., Eng.). While the music is excellent, I think the producers could have done with a little less camera action and cuts – goodness, it’s no action video. I hope you enjoy the music, and have a relaxed week ahead !



9 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. I love your description of hoovering the dust bunnies. Very funny! Why are there so many pianos in this room where he is playing? Did he walk into a grand piano shop, sit down and start playing Blackbird? I hope you are relieved of the humidity soon. The calendar says it is August 1st today and I already feel behind for this months tasks.

    Here in the U.S. it is time to start sending the kids back to school, this month. Parents must sign up on five different websites, purchase this and that and fill out forms. When the first day of school comes there is always something you forgot or are told “by the way, you need to get this and your student must have it tomorrow”, then hundreds of parents all scramble like its Black Friday to get the same thing and there is never enough of it.

  2. Oh, the humidity!

    I would have left the dust (bunnies and all) in the hopes that it would absorb some of the moisture, if not from you, then from the air.

    Lovely music. I didn’t watch the video, though – just listened while I was typing this.

  3. It’s from the Steinway channel. I think MEHLDAU regularly uses one of their instruments, so he may be something like a “figure head” for them.
    Already behind this month’s tasks – a serious case of time travelling Melanie. And of course there is always something missing. Here schools hand out lists of the necessary materials and stuff, and even shops that usually have nothing remotely “stationery” in their sortiment start to sell this stuff early September.

    Dealing with dust bunnies is the price I have to pay for the life of luxury IDV.
    I generally do not like these hectic cuts etc., I found it embarrassing after the third or fourth. I think one shot over the piano on the pianist, or maybe one from the side, would have been enough. But anyway, he is an exceptional pianiste, glad you like it.
    The humidity got worse, it rained through the evening, but I can not feel any cooling down. AT least we are scheduled for the high twenties tomorrow, and the mid-thirties on Thursday – so good old sun will dry all up, air included.

  4. Nice tune, I listened while attempting to install a blind at the kitchen window so didn’t see all the angles.

    It would seem to be hot everywhere but here, where I can almost imagine a frost forming overnight.

  5. 23:00, 26,1° C, thunderstorm with heavy rain. Goodness, it’s summer after all, dear Mistress … but …

    Frost – you are talking in tongues, dear Eryl. Also “install a blind” sounds alien to me – Scotland surely is on another planet …

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