Sunday Music, Late Edition

No, I did not “forget” Sunday Music. Thing is simply that I can not search for a suitable piece of music when in company. I can not explain this, I have no idea why, but I must be alone. So I grabbed my chance today, in order to accomplish at least something on this rotten day.
To be precise, the day itself is gorgeous, sunny, and a little bit windy. But last night was mostly sleepless, with too much thought in brains all over the place. I am in the comfortable position to go to bed in the early morning again to catch some sleep, while others must go out & robot on.
I struggled to get out of bed in the late morning for some hours, I could not find the necessary energy. Headaches did not help. Finally I managed to rise, get some simple housekeeping done, and an errand, but the weekly dust bunny campagne is postponed – they’ll be there tomorrow too, I am sure. Time to prepare some tomato salad to feed the hungry masses that soon will flow back from the daily grind.
But before we become busybusybusy again, let’s pause for less than three minutes, and listen to Francis POULENCs (1899-1963) (Ger., Eng.) Sarabande (1960) performed by Otto TOLONEN (fi.), right until the last note fades into eternity.
I hope you like the music ; may your week be productive, sunny, and well rested !



10 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Late Edition

  1. My brain is scattered all over the place too, but I’ll build us an island of respite… Take a deep breath and feel the sun on the water, listen to the wind and let go of your breath, feel your limbs grow heavy as your muscles relax. Relax your brow, your eyes, your mouth, your neck, shoulders and continue all the way down to your feet. Drift off to sleep and awaken refreshed.

  2. Glad you like the music Dinahmow – and no Tarzan involved …

    That is lovely, Melanie. I need to embed this in my going-to-bed-routine.

    As I read somewhere : “Art is a dirty job, but someone has to do it.” My spirits of life returned, but all is still very power grabbing. The wind is a very nice trap – it creates the illusion of cooling, but in fact nothing cools down. And, as someone remarked who knows a bit about gardening – it dries the earth further.
    BTW, i read yesterday (I forgot where, and did not bookmark, tah !) that a large chunk of Devon broke off ? I hope this is far away from your green pastures, dearest MsScarlet ?!

  3. I think that was Sidmouth, Mr Mags? Coastal erosion – very dangerous to walk under cliffs when the weather is sucking the moisture out of the soil – it makes the cliffs crumble away. I am inland – but it’s now uncomfortably hot – should rain here next week though – you can’t keep good mud down for long!

  4. The coasts (I remember when IDV’s broke down), the Alpine hights some weeks ago, now Devon – it all crumbles away. We are promised rain too, but with high temperatures, so it will turn all into a Sauna (again).
    Right now the idea of a good mud bath or some mud slinging is tempting !

  5. Otto really lies all he has got into this performance, I think – and he is successful. I listened to other versions of this piece, and found TOLONENs version the most touching – the German word I’d like to use is “innerlich”, but I am not sure how to translate this. It should be “inly”, but I do not know whether this word exists. Others played it “simply as written”, what made it sound like a mechanical excercise.

    No need to overdo this clean-up Savannah – just throw all from the floor on the bed, hoover, and yer day is done. The child will do the rest …

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