Brain Bubble

The promised rain (and the promised drop in temperatures) just evaporated. Instead it became hotter, the “official” weather thingy says 34° C for today & tomorrow, my appartement says 27° C a few minutes ago. Maybe the sauna starts on Frayday, or maybe not.
My phone made squeaky sounds and demanded an update, finally I gave in – and watched my “data volume” vanish in the haze (purple haze ?), including a warning that things would soon be very slow. I use this apparatus only for phoning, not for internet access, the occasional photographic picture, sometimes sent. I am not in the mood to check my contract, yadayada … may they do what they want.
My brain is seemingly half shut down, now and then a thought bubbles to the surface. Some thoughts circled around those Unknown Areal Phenomena, that’s how UFOs are called nowadays. Obviously there are objects that do strange things on the fly. Objects, things, they are, simply because they reflect whatever radar beams we send out. Pilots watched these objects, and could not get their heads around what they saw. Now it seems that the USNavy seriously starts to investigate what is out there.
I do not think that we see extraterrestrial objects. I think VALLÉE (Ger., Eng.) was the first (I may be wrong) who came up with the interdimensional hypothesis (Eng.). It says in short that these objects are not from “outside” but from a terrestrial origin.
Life seems to be anywhere in the universe. I read that physicists came to the conclusion that we live in a more than four-dimensional space (height, length, depth ; time – of course in my layman’s understanding). If these two things are true, then there is life in other dimensions. And these are everywhere, Earth including.
I have no clue how life may look in a more-dimensional space, but it must be there. And it must be all around us. Maybe these unknown objects are just probes, explorers ? Or the damning enterprise of a multi-dimensional salesman like Musk, who sends adventure seeking billionaires to the “unknown place”, to visit the apes ?
I never saw an UFO, and am not keen to encounter one. As a young child I may have felt the “presence” of “something“, but these are very faded memories I surely can not recall, and do not want. I watch the moon storm up to its zenith, and that does it for me. A little bit of sleep would be nice also.


10 thoughts on “Brain Bubble

  1. I never met someone who said that he saw something like a flying saucer. I would not know what to make out of it, if someone would tell me such a story. Of course I would not want to hurt someone’s feelings. Nevertheless these flying objects the navy has to deal with, seem to be pretty real. It is simply a question of security & defense I guess.
    I do not believe that these videos etc. are just an elaborate hoax. At least it’s important enough that they had a hearing.

  2. UFOs? I did see glowing orbs over Dartmoor, and I couldn’t figure out what they were. Who knows what the military get up to?! Meanwhile, it has cooled here, thank goodness, but I still need to catch up with my sleep – I hope you have rain soon.

  3. I was camping with friends once in the early 1990s when we saw three sizable lights moving in different pattern formations in the sky. Their motions were like dancing hummingbirds, not something human planes could do, but they were clearly not something made by nature itself either. The very definition of a UFO is an “unidentified flying object,” so yes, they do fit such a description. I’ve never seen anything like it since, but maybe three times I have heard similar descriptions mentioned in other places.

  4. Yes, that is what I heard, Melanie, or similar. Did it give you a bad vibe ? Or none at all ? I never saw “something” in the sky, and I am not keen on seeing something.

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