Sunday Music

Yesterday, shortly before 14:00, it started to rain. When I went out an hour later, stretches of tar were already dry again, I could feel the humidity saturating my clothes. Thankfully in the evening the temperature had finally dropped, and wind blew all moisture away. It’s sunny and dry under fluffy clouds today, the temperature lingers around 28°C, and that’s how it will be over the coming days.
Last week the Finnish PM danced on a party with friends. Of course, inevitable today, a video was published. Next day the 36 year old PM’s suitability for office was questioned, and she was asked to take a drug test (!). Obviously a dancing lady must be sloshed or otherwise out of her mind, cool thinking.
In Poland it is nearly impossible for a woman to get an abortion. Thanks to the ultra national, “conservative”, regime of the PiS party. But they feel there is still too much space left for unruly baby machines, so every pregnancy shall be registered. It is actually an (controversially discussed) EU regulation connected to the digital administration of patients’ data – but nobody seriously doubts in Poland that this Polish gouvernement will be using these data to surveil & monitor pregnant women : A prosecutor has nothing else to do but to compare this pregnancy registration with birth certificates – abortion is a crime in Poland, et voila.
I do not know for how long Polish women will go to jail for ending a pregnancy, but a woman who had liked the wrong tweets, has to go to jail in Saudi Arabia – for more than thirty (30 !) years. (She originally was sentenced to six years, but- hey ! – let’s get it right, right !?)
We live in astounding times. A kind of new darkness seems to fall on mankind – or maybe the dark veil never had really lifted, and all those wounderful thoughts about humanism, enlightenment, freedom-liberty & self determination never made it outside Königsberg’s university seminar, where KANT imagined what could be … ach
And while KANT dreamed, the peasants danced.
Let’s hear a little bit of Sunday Music now. The Sofia Soloists Chamber Orchestra under conductor Plamen DJUOROV plays Three Old French Dances (Rondeau, La Provencale, Le Basque) by Marin MARAIS (1656-1728) (Ger., Eng.), soloist is Ognyan KONSTANTINOV (ytchannel).
I hope you like the music, may the coming week be bearable.



12 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I sometimes think the world hates women. We can do no right.
    I you you are cooling down now – the sauna thing wears off eventually, but takes a few days.

  2. Isn’t “juh juh” something related to voodoo ? I am cooling down too, MsScarlouh !

    Glad you like the music Dinahmow – easy, when there’s noting else to like. Messer Marais surely was a special one – he composed a piece titled The Bladder Stone Operation. Something like this must be rooted in personal experience – I think Melanie should be in the best position to say something about the piece. If I find it on the web.

    Thank you Savannah – I may return the good wishes. Let’s face the madness cool, calm, and collected, ha !

  3. I agree with Scarlet. There is a new wave of misogyny. When women disagree with the Order of the Day we are threatened with ostracization, corrective rape, or jail. I have noticed a real rise in this trend on sites like Twitter in the past several years. Overall, things are very Orwellian these days. Step out of line and be Unpersoned. It’s a trend I dislike.

  4. I have a writing friend who is a Jewish man that really likes to write SciFi stories about women rising up and becoming the Amazon warriors they were meant to be. The intelligent men know that an equal society benefits all people and not just a few. That a woman demanding body autonomy doesn’t make her a man-hater, which is the laziest false narrative of all.

    I hope your weather stabilizes to calmness soon. We could use some rain here, but not all at once.

  5. Thank you for the observation C – as you know I do not do twit etcetc. – but I have the impression that mysogyny is on the rise, There are obviously men on diverse channels, who brag about being real arseholes, and take pride in treating women like dirt. Rewarded with “likes”, and hence money from advertising. Incredible.
    These data collecting behemoths surely work to make the Orwellian dystopy a reality !

    A woman demanding command over her body – this should not be something we even have to discuss about : Every human being has the command over his / her / maybe “its” body. I was naive, because I thought all those discussions of the eighties and nineties would have a lasting effect – they do not. But I wonder what comes back now, with a venegance, is it what we called the “Patriarchat” / patriarchy back then ? Or is there something else involved ?
    Sorry Melanie, I am too tired now to think properly. The weather is bearable, I just soldier on.

  6. I have got myself all riled up just by entertaining the notion of thinking about what’s going on in the world, so much so that I can barely think at all. What is wrong with people?!?

    Anyway. I’m glad to here that you are now less hot (I was going to say glad that you’ve cooled down, but 28 is still far too bloody hot!).

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