Sunday Music, on a Wednesday

I think it has not happened very often that Sunday Music is published on Wednesday. Last Sunday I was not in the mood to look for music, write down words of wisdom etcetc.pp. Monday I had to be busy, yesterday was spent on the trains, half of today with the new vehicle. Yes, the new school year starts, and I am back to my driving life. Together with a brand new co-driver I will collect new kids in a nearby country town in generally Eastern direction – adventure, adventure. Tomorrow I will do the dry run, work out the time table, and have hopefully a friendly chat with (most of) the parents. I already disinfected the surfaces in the new vehicle, checked what had to be checked, and programmed the radio stations, classical music mostly. The holidays are steadily nearing their end, summer is also slowly leaving, another year passed.
So let’s listen to Sam LANINs Famous Players & Singers (Ger., Eng.) and their version of Satan’s Holiday – hope you enjoy the music. Now let’s get through this week unharmed.



4 thoughts on “Sunday Music, on a Wednesday

  1. Yes, you are disgracefully late! Jaunty tune though. Yes, summer is done, and the rains have arrived – I am almost ready to start complaining about mud. Have a safe week, and drive carefully.

  2. No rains yet in sunny Franconia, but exceptionally sweet grapes. Maybe we’ll have a good wine this year.
    Mud can be formed to mud balls. And when one jumps into the puddle the correct way, the trousers stay clean. Or one goes for the full wellie option, what a muddle …
    I’ll drive around tomorrow, just to get the feeling back, no worries MsScarlet !

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