Sunday Music

Heavy clouds hang over Franconia, now & then they deliver cold rain. Yesterday I watched those nice people who collect the grapes for my wine doing their job in the vinyard across from my living room. They were drenched with cold water at least twice, but never gave up : Great folks ! Carry on !
I slept well the second night in a row, ten hours last night, from Frayday to Saturday a bit more than eleven. Maybe the change of weather (and a little work related stress) cause this. And the early rise also plays a role, I just have to get used to the new (old) rhythm again. Time to meander into the kitchen. I had provided all things needed for a potato salad yesterday evening, so it’s just peel, cut, and mix. Of curse the product needs to sit for a while, the single ingredients need to find together – in German this is called “durchziehen lassen”. I can not think of a proper translation to English, but I am sure that something alike exists in English cuisine too – would you, venerated reader, help me with the translation, please ?
Without further delay we’ll start Floatin‘ with Mr BARNES & the Jazz Renaissance Quartet (George BARNES (amplified guitar), Hank D’AMICO (clarinet), Billy BAUER (un-amplified guitar), Jack LESBERG (Bass), and Cliff LEEMAN (drums)), a title from their 1961 lp Movin’ Easy. I hope you enjoy the music. May the coming week bring nice surprises for all of us !



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I think “ferment” is a friendly euphemism for “allowing to rot” ? In any case, my potato salad does not rot – stands no chance, it is already eaten, sorry MsScarlet. Glad you enjoy the music.

  2. You allowed the ingredients to meld, blend together, or as one of my favorite chefs says, “everybody gets happy” in the bowl! Well done you, sweetpea! Bouncy music for a Sunday morning! xoxo

  3. I’m with Savannah on the word “meld” being common, but I also hear it phrased as “allowing the ingredients to marry together” …in polyamorous coupledom I suppose. Does that make any garnishment added their wedding bouquet? I probably should not think too much about.

  4. That would be “bowling happy”. I did not know the word “meld” – melding pot comes to mind, and toss-up-salad. I fear I did not allow the different parts enough time to meld, dear Savannah. It was more a man vs salad challenge, man won.

    A merry banquet with wine and roses, music and dance – ach, I wish I was a salad …
    As you mention, there are not only two involved, dear Melanie, it seems to be more of an orgy then.

  5. Ich hab’ mehr von einem Frühlingsfest unter blühenden Apfelbäumen geträumt ; später Frühling, früher Sommer, ländliche Tanzweisen, unschuldige Hüpftänze, ach … die Bacchanalien kommen später, wenn der Wein fertig ist … Wann ist die Zeit für eine Salatorgie ? Sollten wir dringend veranstalten Anna !

    Gaduffel-gadoffel – gaduffel-gadoffel : Aard’öpfel …
    Here is the fitting Sunday Music (sorry for being self-referential).
    And btw I am very glad that you showed up.

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