Sunday Music

Finally autumn arrived in full. Today I woke up to the rushing sound of a heavy downpour. Last week the temperature fell to 2° C, there were two or three chilly mornings. No freezing yet.
This was the first regular working week, routine establishes itself, es schuggelt sich ein. My co-driver is, well, un-thrilling & un-upsetting. The kids are generally carefree, we had our share of excitement at the beginning.
The vehicle passed the TÜV test (Ger., Eng. ; I think that’s MOT (Eng.) in the UK) with flying colours, what simply means that the technical “stuff” is tested & cleared.
So things are calm & quiet at work, which is nothing to sneeze at.
Today’s Sunday Music is a Tarantella per Violino e Pianoforte (1929) composed by Alfredo CASELLA (1883-1947) (Ger., Eng.), here in a version from 1931 for Violoncello e Pianoforte by Luigi SILVA (1903-1961). I hope you like the music.
May the coming week be carefree and easy for all of us.



5 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I agree with the Mistress! Drama has its place, but its best away from a bus full of kids. I like this music! Much spritelier than your usual fare. I would love to hear the sound of rain at night. It has been too long and we have a fire in the mountains not far from here giving us a lot of smoke. We are not in danger, just inconvenienced.

  2. Yep, Devon is slowly and surely turning to mud and the temperatures are falling.
    Who needs drama? Enough with the drama.
    Well that was a quick tune! Have a safe week, Mr Mags!

  3. You are right, dear Mistress, there’s a time for upsetting thrill too.

    I am glad to have contributed to your exhilaration, dearest Savannah !

    I am sorry to hear that there is still a fire somewhere near you Melanie. I thought fire season was over. Yeah, you need a fine rain over there, to put out the fire, and to clean the air !

    Devon is a strange place, MsScarlet. I only some days ago read that a British adventurer is buried there, Dartmoor I think, who had founded some emirate in the Near East. Drama comes to rest in Devon ?

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