Sunday Music

I am very sure that future historians, who study the early 21st century, will come to the conclusion that it is an age not only of lies, but of outrageous, unconscionable (who has a conscience these days ?), sometimes outright dickish lies. We heard the little fuehrer of the USA lie his way through time & space, we heard lies in the UK, in Europe, in Germany, and now lies in Russia. China commits crimes against minorities, and boldly lies about undeniable facts.
Not that earlier times were free from lies, surely not. Just two examples : At the start of WWII stands the bold lie (“Ab fünf Uhr morgens wird zurückgeschossen !”) that Poland attacked Germany : They never did. The Tonking “incident” justified the USAmerican engagement in the Vietnam war : Northern Vietnamese forces did not attack US ships there & then. Both incidents were staged, propaganda performances used for lies.
Nowadays the staged “incident” is spared, only the lies remain.
There is no luck in dwelling on this nastiness.
Zaïs is the name of a genie of the air, who stars in an opera by Jean-Philippe RAMEAU (1683-1764) (Ger., Eng.) of the same name : Zaïs (Eng.). We hear Marc MINKOWSKI (Ger., Eng.) and Les Musiciens Du Louvre with the overture – why not play it loud ?
I hope you like the music. May we be spared from damn lies, at least in the coming week. I fear it’s too much to ask for …



4 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. So much of human civilization is built upon lies! I love the music. I am very fond of battle drums, perhaps it is because I am always at war with something within my own mind. Is it healthy? It has kept me alive after all this time, so being a contrarian isn’t too bad I would say. Much love, my friend, have a good week!

  2. I saw some good news on the BBC website the other day: “Wildlife protection sees species thrive in Europe.” It seems that nature is building up its numbers in order to effect a smooth takeover once we’ve all bumped ourselves off.

    The Zaïs Overture is wonderful – I will have to play it loud at a reasonable hour tomorrow.

    Search out some good news, Mago – and have a peaceful week :)

  3. My dad always played classical music at the weekends – somehow this reminds me of him conducting the record player.
    Have a good week, Mr Mags, and may we be released from lies.

  4. Thank you Melanie !

    The former inner-German border, especially the death strip where all the mines etc. were installed, is now a green kind of ribbon … One day I will wander it.
    Glad you like the music IDV.

    In earlier times I invented my own lies, but somehow I lost interest. In lies in general.
    I sometimes conduct the radio, dear MsScarlet.

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