11 thoughts on “No, no title

  1. Yes, bless him !
    And I have to confess that I never have touched the product, MsScarlet. I have no clue about cranberries, be it in pure form, as jelly, or sauce.

    If I remember it correctly, it simply must be in a tin. The holy function needs to cut it open on both sides, let the product slip on a plate. Slice.
    At least that is how I remember it, Dinahmow.

    Sometimes he shows up. Thank you, Mistress.

  2. Yum! It is delicious! Because the cranberry is so tart it’s not one of those things that taste like the tin in comes in. Unfortunately my little family, including myself, is sick with the flu so we couldn’t go to my Aunt’s house this year. My Uncle is in poor health and I would feel terrible if we got him sick.

    I am thinking of LX too. He can join us in spirit when I light the candle later.

  3. Get well soon Melanie ! Maybe I’ll light a candle tomorrow, if I find one.

    Your memory is amazing IDV !

    He’s just ahead of us, dear Mistress, avant guarde so to speak.

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