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Another week sped by. How does they do it, this seemingly endless acceleration ? It was an uncomfortable week, I found it difficult to sleep properly. So I fell asleep through daytime for some hours, what lead to an unpleasant rhythm of work, sleep, work, hang around, sleep badly, start the day with work again. Nevertheless I managed to do some necessary stuff at the desk, at least accomplished something.
The days usually started foggy, cleared up for a few hours around midday, to just become gray again, slipping into early darkness – not very mood enhancing. As an antidote I today felt the need to prepare something to eat based on vegetables, and because I am lazy I opted for the most simple solution, a vegetable soup. With an egg, or two.
And while the soup gently simmers, and starts to release gentle scents into the kitchen, we could listen to today’s Sunday Music. It is not by Mr HENDRIX (1942-1970) (Ger., Eng.), despite today being his eightieth birthday ; but I do not believe that Jimi will fall into oblivion. And this is the title of today’s Sunday Music, a tango nuevo by Astor PIAZZOLLA (1921-1992) (Ger., Eng.), Oblivion, here in an arrangement for piano, performed by Gamma1734. I hope you enjoy the music. May the coming week be bearable for all of us. May your soup be delectable !



7 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Your choice of music is so appropriate for my state of mind right now. Oblivion comes in the form of sleep only disturbed by coughing. I think I should ask the MITM for some soup! xoxo

  2. Oblivion sounds very Sunday 1974. Apologies for me writing this on Tuesday.
    Very wet and gloomy here – thankfully we have some mood enhancing sunshine forecast for today.
    Have a safe and peaceful week.

  3. That is lovely! I could use some soup too. I do not recommend the flu as a weight loss regimen. It has been a long time since I have been this sick, but don’t recall the flu dragging out so long. We did start with a cold though and then get the flu. Ack! I guess we’ll get it all done with at once.

  4. I think soup is it Savannah. I hope the cough will be lenient, and stay away from your bronchia.

    Glad that you like the music, dearest Mistress.

    At least a forecast MsScarlet – they took that away from us too. Grey, cold, cloudy, foggy – and it will become colder over the following days : Winter, plain & simple.

    Pox on the flu ! Keep on dragging Melanie ! You need plenty of water, best in the form of the tea of your choice, and soup made from Ingwer, garlic and the like. Get well soon !

  5. Yesterday I had a cup of vegetable broth and it really did wonders for awhile! Still had a rough night of coughing though while listening to trees come boom during the winter storm. We got to keep our power though. Really got lucky with that! School was closed because they had no power.

  6. I fear the cough will stay some time Melanie. You say that you hear trees falling in the night, trees kinked and broken by the storm, that btw also caused a power outage ? Youza ! Is that normal winter behaviour, and is it “in time” ?
    I’d think that is a bit early, I may be totally wrong ? Sorry, I have no clue about your sub-Alaskan weather patterns.

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