Sunday Music

The week that was, simply was. I do not want to discuss it, would mean to bring back the cussing, and I want to enjoy a calm Sunday. It is a short weekend anyway, because yesterday was a normal working day – still 14 of these until the Christmas holiday starts ; it should be possible to pass off this in a civilised manner.
Fryderyk SZOPEN (1810-1849) (Ger., Eng.), best known under his Frenchified name Frédéric François CHOPIN, wrote some fine music for the piano, for example the Mazurka in C sharp minor Op. 30 No. 4.
It always astounds me how different a piece of music can be interpreted, how the Notentext can be brought to life in so very different ways.
If you like to take a shortcut, just listen to the last one.
There is Witold MALCUZYNSKI (1914-1977) (Ger., Eng.), without doubt one of the great interpreters of CHOPIN.



Then there is what Maurizio POLLINI (b. 1942) (Ger., Eng.), also a well recognised CHOPIN specialist, does with the little Polish dance (Ger., Eng.).



And then there is the man from Leningrad, who shows them how it is done, at least in my humble opinion.


Grigory Lipmanovich SOKOLOV (b. 1950) (Ger., Eng.), Moscow 1990


I hope you enjoy the music. May we all have a stress free, bearable week, and may my sick readers get well soon – hopefully without long-term effects.


8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I really love Chopin’s Funeral March Sonata No 2 as a complete song and resent that so many people know it by own a few familiar bars. It really should be appreciated more as whole and not as one sum of its parts.

    I hope this coming week is kind to you!

  2. Have a peaceful week, m’dear.
    I find that I am not in the mood for Chopin this morning. I am feeling the need to reach for something more cheerful and basic. But thank you.

  3. I only hope that the rest of your family will follow suite, dear Savannah. But do not understimate the long term impact of this infection.

    It is in the Bible, dear Mistress !

    Sadly it’s too long for Sunday Music : Anything goes – under four minutes ! Thank you Melanie.

    Cheerful & basic ? Is there a new post looming, music included MsScarlet ??

  4. Sult ? I never dared to sult you an in, dearest MsScarlet, that would raisin a lot of questions better un-asked ! I was strictly thinking along the line of Music, something more cheerful & basic than Chopin interpretations on a Monday morning, hence my ill fated answer to your comment … oh dear oh dear …

    Drives them kids out, so much for infantile music education (“frühkindliche Musikerziehung”) – thank you Inexplicable Device (and MsScarlet, too), I take notice.

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