Gargel Does It Again

Oh yes. I wanted to visit the blog of a certain Canadienne. There is the usual warning, and one has a choice to continue or not, to see those “sensible” contents / parts, whatever. Of course I “continue”.
Now, and that is new, I have to verify my age. I encountered this yesterday for the first time.
And how do you verify your age in the gargle web ? By using your gargle account. And if you have no gargle account, your journey ends here.
I simply do not believe that gargle allows only persons of full age to open an account. And I can not see why someone has to verify their age just to reach The Infomaniac. Because there is now & then a picture of a naked male ?
May all these prudish dicks at google suffer from the warty wand !

15 thoughts on “Gargel Does It Again

  1. Because you are already a hostage of Gargle – You use a blogger blog, all Yer data is already on the dark side : Me is wordpresser, ha !
    None of my data are on gargle’s servers / clouds / whatever (at least I want to believe this).
    But the dark power is not pleased, as long as there are people whose data are not rehashed, who are not reached by some damn “personalised” “advertisements”, or what ever they want to throw at us. *shakes geriatric fist in anger*

  2. Well done, dearest Savannah ! Hail California !

    What angers me are two things :
    First, I do not believe that The Mistress asked for this additional check. Okay, if a company really tries to protect under age people from inadequate content they will not ask long, but act first, and obv. something like this happened. A logarithm acted, to be specific, and a naked man seems to be enough to pull the trigger.
    This very heavy handed, The Infomaniac is surely not a pornographic site. It is like it was some (ten ?) years ago, when Leni and MJ were simply “terminated” : A machine decides, and if the human in question is not in agreement, it is the human’s task to change things. I doubt that the script / mechanism for the annulment of such an action is in any way easier today than it was back then.

    Second, I do not want to open an account that is managed by this company. This is not my idea of a free internet – that I can take part only, when I pay a company with my data.
    Of course that is the general business model – be it microsoft, Zuckerzwerg’s meta crap, terrible Elon’s twitter, or curly Jeff’s little shoppe – and of course hence a blogger blog is still free. Just because all of them do it (cosi fan’ tutte), I do not have to like it, or agree, or participate. “Don’t be evil” is gone since 2018, I think. I am sure that google changed a lot, and that the possibility for “opt out” you have mentioned, Does work – but all this does not alter the basic fact that I would have to open an account with a company I detest, I would do something I surely do NOT want to do.
    Enough of this diatribe !

  3. Maybe something weird was going on in the maintenance department when you first tried to enter. Try it again and see what happens. I feel like I have had this problem before only to have it later resolve itself. Blame the gremlins.

  4. I did try again, and it all is as described in the post, nothing changed, Melanie.

    You are visible to adult people who have an google account, very likely 80 % of internet users, I think – I do not know how large (correct word ?) the amount of underage internet users is. Any way, the public is much safer now.
    You are not visible to any internet user, who has no google account. I do not believe that you can do anything about this, dear Mistress.
    Maybe I have to follow MsScarlet …

  5. Yes, the greedy barons have infected just about everything which used to be free. Even WordPress is annoying me now. They want me to pay them money yes, REAL $$, using a credit card! I decline so they plaster adverts all over my blog page. when I log in to write.

  6. Glad to see you back Eryl.

    Yes, they send emails every other day. I should join the club, use a plan, take part in a webinar etc. – all things I do not want. I just want to use this blog. Thankfully I do not see adverts – “Ghostery” & “Privacy Badger” do a good job.

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