Bulletin 02-23

“By now I imagine you are fit and well again?”
Bruhahaa, *cough splutter … spotz* – sorry.
No, MsScarlet. I am tired, weak, and my throat hates me.
My neighbour brought me yesterday a can of vegetable soup, thankfully a small one. Afore I already had cooked the last noodles, and ate them with mayo and ketchup (“rot-weiß”, the pommes classic), so the soup experience was left (spared ?) for this morning.
I hereby state that “Kania Hochzeitssuppe” is one of the most vile concoctions I have encountered in a very long time.
I should have been warned when I poured it into my cooking pot. I dutifully heated it, and then filled a small bowl with the stuff, and ate it : A classic case of der Hunger treibt’s ‘nei, der Dorscht drückt’s ‘nunder (if you are hungry and thirsty enough …, yeah, exactly). When my stomach was filled with the warm fluid, and thankfully decided not to become mutinous, I stared into the pot, the “soup” stared back, and I knew that I had to kill it. Everything about this stuff was vile : The yellowish colour pendant somewhere between bile and purulence, the smell somehow reminiscent of cleansing material(s), the tiny “meat”-balls – no, I refuse to imagine what they may have consisted of.
Because now I had run out of anything only remotely eatable ; because I could not reach another neighbour, who possesses a car, is friendly, and would surely had helped me, I was left with no other choice but to step out and visit the supermarket.
Quite an experience. What usually takes 60 minutes (twenty one way, twenty return, twenty to buy stuff) today took more than 90 minutes. I had to stop several times on my way, not to grasp for air (I am remarkably good in this respect), but to recover, to recuperate : I am just too weak.
The terrible brew did not help. To give you an impression, here the hardly less redoubtable & rightfully forgotten title Witches Brew by a person called Janie JONES (Eng.), who spent time in the can, according to her wikipedia article. Maybe she was in the soup business.



6 thoughts on “Bulletin 02-23

  1. I would like to echo what Eryl said. I feel the same way. I’m worried about you. Can some sweet person that you like come visit you; fluff your pillows and make you a niche meal?

    No coughing here, but a painfully sore throat and runny nose. My son has it too but seems to be managing well enough to not miss any school. There is a limit on the number of days a student can miss in a school year and then a bunch of paperwork gets triggered, and meetings have to be made. Because so many kids/families have been sick during this school year they must deal with the stress of reaching or about to reach this trigger point. We ourselves are only four days shy. We have to try to get to mid-June without using them. I think they should make an exception for this school year. No one family is responsible for all the viruses floating around right now, we are just trying to manage.

  2. I’m sure that any moment now, King Kong will climb up your building and offer to go to the shops for you (you see, I have been reading your back catalogue in order to catch up!). I know he’s a bit late as you’ve already been, but he could carry back some larger, heavier items for your pantry/store cupboard.
    Don’t let him get carried away and come back with various damsels-in-distress and a tonne of bananas, though!

  3. Thank you Eryl – sleep and tea seemingly cures everything.

    No worries Melanie, the bazillus lost !
    This rule in your son’s school seems a bit out of touch – ? It is a time that sees sprawling infections of the upper respiratory system. So he is left with four days for four months.

    I do not know IDV, you sent them out to bring some carrots, and they bring another lady in red. Mr Kong is a bit narrow minded in the end, but do not tell him that I said this, please.

  4. Mago Before the pandemic the rule was reasonable enough for regular students. Partly, concern for learning loss, but also a way to catch child abuse or endangerment. The school can connect families to community resources or call Child Protective Services, if needed. It’s sickening to think a child could be abused for years and no one noticed or stopped it. Missing a lot of school is considered a “red flag” the child might need some kind of special help.

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