Sunday Music

It’s terrible. Clear eyes, sound head, silky pelage – no serious reason contrivable to stay at home. What simply means that I’ll have to work again tomorrow. Thankfully not in the ddm (damndarkmorning, as coined by Savannah), but in the cold bright afternoon. I am glad that the worst is over from this nasty infection.
Now without further detours to Sunday Music : Teodor CURRENTZIS (b. 1972) (Ger., Eng.) and musicAeterna (Ger.) bring us a nice little Orage, composed by Mon Sieur RAMEAU. A dynamic little piece, I hope you enjoy it. Hopefully the next week will spare you a cold, or some infection alike !



7 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. This song would fit right in with Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” it’s very similar to Spring.

    I’m miserable today, but I have to work on my resume and application for a job I’m interested in. I must have all papers in by 5pm tomorrow. Once I’m done, I can take some sleepy time medicine and hopefully not dream of anything, just wake up refreshed.

  2. This piece is far more energetic than I can handle right now! the MITM is still ill and I fear I might be succumbing to what he has! Is it possible that there is a mini pandemic around the corner, sweetpea??? ARRRGGGG xoxo

  3. Yes – “orage” (see the rage in it), “Gewitter”, or thunderstorm, as in Vivaldi’s spring.
    Best wishes for the job Melanie !

    Of course there is a local pandemic on your sofa, dearest Savannah !

    I would have liked to have additional two days off, but I can not stand a weeping dispatcher, dearest MsScarlet.

    Sadly it will not make an elegant chink-chink sound when your genteel glass and my chipped tea cup bonk together. Die Geste zählt, the (symbolic) gesture counts Mistress. And beware of the cold, please !

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