I Woke Up, I Looked, I Want to Go Back

The deed is done. Actually it was done yesterday : The vehicle is parked away , and I have no intention to look at this machine for the next days, or think about the job. Maybe I clean and disinfect the inside, and go through the company’s tunnel washer next Monday or so ; also some fluids could be refilled, what would mean a visit to the company’s repair shop, but who knows – this is all somewhere in the future. The kids have a week off, and so do I, time to relax & breath deeply. Last night I was able to sleep soundly, and through, undisturbed, I am grateful for this.
Today I killed woollen mammoths by vacuuming, did the washing-up (I can now turn around in my kitchen !), and went out to buy green stuff to eat – I already feel like another human !

At the end of last week two ladies (S. WAGENKNECHT and A. SCHWARZER) wrote a public letter to the chancellor. They asked to step up efforts to find an if not peaceful, at least war ending solution to the ongoing war in the East. I read this letter, and found nothing wrong about it. The more disgusting I found some reactions (and some very fast ones) by other public figures. Namely the former Ukrainian ambassador to Germany (and some German figures) came over as, well I can’t say it better, driven by rotzlöffeliger Arroganz delivering their snide remarks. It seems that the word “Pazifist” / pacificist is a swearword again. So call me a peacenik.
Of course the authors, and the signers, were accused of licking Russian boots – in my humble opinion and childish view of things, I can find no trace of bootlicking in this text. I think it only shows the state of the public discussion nowadays : Who warns against further escalation is seen as weak and dumb. And all the war mongers do not have to lift their arses out of their comfy chairs, step out and croak on a muddy field. As per usual.
Nobody in his right mind can deny, who started this absolutely unnecessary, criminal war – it is Russia. Nobody in his right mind can deny the fact that this lousy war needs to be contained, it carries the possibility to get out of hand, and become a real disaster on an international scale. And as I see it right now, both parties already involved, do their part to escalate the murder : Russia wants White Russia in it, the Ukrainians want Europe and / or the Nato in it.
Every little arsehole can start a war, it needs a man to end it. And I can not such a man right now. Maybe KISSINGER must be re-activated.
I never thought that I would see in my lifetime German tanks in the Ukraine fighting against the Russians : Just what my grandfather did.


And while it’s all smoke and mirrors, as usual in a war, let’s go to the basics with The Second Oldest Trick in Sleight of Hand., hope you enjoy it.



5 thoughts on “I Woke Up, I Looked, I Want to Go Back

  1. Yes, that’s why I put his video here Dinahmow.

    Sleep is essential, deep and undisturbed. Glad you like the prestidigiteur, Eryl.

    Peace brother, love sister MsScarlet !

  2. That was fun to watch! I went to a warm sunny place for a week (Florida) and now I return to my cold dreary hobbit hole in the Northwest where we await the next snowstorm and start of school.

    I too am glad you slept well and hope that this has been a good week for you overall. Green things are good for you as long as it isn’t mold (or mushrooms of such a color.)

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