Sunday Music

I do not want this Sunday to end. Because after Sunday Monday. And again I will work with my regular colleague. (I could put every word of the last sentence in quotation marks, even the “And”). Fittingly I see lightning in the far Eastern distance, silent. “Fittingly”, because it illustrates the possibility of a still remote, but already visible confrontation, the chance of flying sparks is undeniably real.
So I searched for Sunday Music. From ZAPPA to Cesar FRANK, from strange 1970 garage rockers to Gentle Giant. Today’s Sunday Music is the title Pot Au Feu by Deliah DERBYSHIRE (1937-2001) (Ger., Eng.) from 1968. (She was a kind of colleague of Daphne ORAM (1925-2003) (Ger., Eng.), who already was on Sunday Music, here.)
I hope you enjoy the music. Now let’s brace for next week, let’s just stay above some things.



7 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Crossing my fingers that Monday brings you a surprise in the form of a new work colleague! Interesting title for the music! I don’t remember anything so “techno” for 1968, sweetpea, but then again, I was deep into Motown in 1968! xoxo

  2. I loved the music! I will listen to more from her if I can find it.
    I do hope you have the option of rising above your situation and don’t get dragged down by your colleague, and you have an unexpectedly delightful week.

  3. Deliah D. was ahead of her time Savannah. I doubt that outside a small cercle in the UK anybody heard what she actually produced. This “machine music” is very different from anything Motown !

    Today’s work situation was surprisingly good MsScarlet.

    She was involved in a band project around this time, 1968, maybe there is a lp ? Strangely enough neither she, nor ORAM, or that Italian lady whose name I forgot (starts with “p”), are included on the first (and to my knowledge still only) sampler of early electronica, OHM. “Silver Apples” comes to mind, too.
    As I mentioned to MsScarlet, today started without drag, dearest Eryl.

  4. Oh, gods, it sounds like theme & incidental music from one of those uninentionally terrifying “childrens'” sci-fi dramas of the 70s and early 80s. Nightmares involving The Boy From Space tonight then, thanks.

    I hope your week continues to lack those flying sparks!

  5. Just a note to let you know that I’m not ignoring you. I have carpal tunnel syndrome (or something equally uncomforable) so I’m limiting my blog visits until my hands and wrists feel better.

  6. The Boy From Space is absolutely unknown to me, dearest IDV – I am very sorry to have started this train of thoughts. Did Space Boy by any chance visit the Rubber Ducky Room ?
    And thank you, the sparks are spared for another week, possibly after Easter.

    Stay away from the Carpathen, dear Mistress ! Never, to no time in history, any thing good came from the Carpaths – especially the tunnels are dangerous !
    (I now feel ashamed – I still did not create that damn fake account in order to be allowed to visit Your blog. Kick me !)

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