Sunday Music

It’s grey, wet, and cold outside – absolutely nothing can inveigle me to go outside today. Work was a little bit stressful last week. My regular co-driver has called in sick again, so I got a young man who needed a quick introduction into the job. I gave him a two day crash course, then he was taken away and started as stand-by-man on his own. So I drove alone. On Monday I shall pick up another person to accompany me, at least this lady is a bit longer on the job. I really long for Easter holidays.
World’s madness kept on raging through the last week, murderous madness & painful stupidity, man at work in full swing. What made me wonder is what we call “Artificial Intelligence” and its ramifications.
Mr GATES (here), and Mr LANIER (here) have something to say about this. But it could go even a step further, this time not based on Silizium / silicon, but on organic material – see this newsarticle, and this professional article about “O.I.” (organoid intelligence). At the same time we take the very first steps in reversing time on the qubit level (here).
I am glad that I will not see the merger of these developments in my lifetime ; given man’s ability to spoil anything, the result can not be good.
Time for tea and Sunday Music. Because I feel a little bit crooked on this Sunday afternoon, today’s Sunday Music is Frank ZAPPAs (1940-1993) (Ger., Eng.) Little Umbrellas from the 1969 lp Hot Rats (Ger., Eng.). I hope you like the music. May the coming week be stress free, unassuming, easy perhaps ?



5 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Ye gads, I started to read the thing about time reversal and could actually feel my brain vibrating with all the thoughts emerging like wasp grubs from the comb.

    I do hope you get another co-worker soon 🌹

  2. So it made your brain swarm, dearest Eryl ?
    I have another co-driver tomorrow morning, never seen before, one can’t blame the Knights to be boring …

  3. I like the music fine and well enough but had to scroll away from the accompanying picture. I don’t like it. It reminds me of Pennywise from Stephen King’s IT.

    I hope the nice spring days will find you soon. I’ve had good weather here and have spent a lot of time overdoing it in the yard. Take care!

  4. Blimey, that reminds me of saxophone practice and was too discordant for me.
    Time reversal? Don’t we have a cream for that? I will see if I can read a bit of it, though judging from Eryl’s reaction I think it’s going to hurt.

  5. I generally do not like these “animated” pictures, I usually avoid it. But this is the official Zappa channel …
    There is still no use to start yard work, because you can have winter, summer, and spring in one day – sometimes in one single afternoon. Yesterday saw a heavy graupel shower for twenty minutes, afterwards the sun shone down innocently, and when I had to leave grey cloud monsters assembled, ready to start armageddon. Ad some fierce wind. So sorry Melanie . my yard would be my balcony, then cleaning windows & stuff, it is useless, let’s wait until after Easter.

    I have no clue about sax practice, maybe one just needs to keep the tone ? I do not think that ERyl, you MsScarlet, and any other of my venerated female readers, needs to learn something about time reversal, you all already solved the problem of timelessness !

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