World of Wonders II

Only some days ago my venerated readers and me spoke about, well, islands. And today I read in the news that the little fuehrer seriously thinks about buying the largest island of them all, Greenland. Does the little fuehrer get his ideas from this blog ?
Sadly not – because if he thinks of buying it, he clearly lost his edge : Why buy & pay for something one can grab ?
How many divisions do these aborigines have, häh ? None, I bet.
Europe ? Bah, weaklings – they even do not have an army of their own.
NATO – obsolete bullshit, as the little fuehrer told us from the start.
So what ?!
No risk, just grab it. Send over the Big Red One, and that’s it. Some advisor may invent another lie, just ask Bolton. These rotten fish may easily qualify as Weapons of Mass Destruction.
THIS would be a manly action ! THIS would teach Vlad and the Chinaman who’s boss.
And when this stupid ice finally melts, let’s spill some oil on that oh-so-unspoilt nature reserve, so that future generations will know that “to trump” means “to make a stinking stain”, the biggest one possible.

I really should quit reading “news” : It is useless, depressing, and bad for the blood pressure. It just steals precious time.

Dies und Das

The boxer Graciano “Rocky” ROCCHIGIANI (Ger., Eng.) died some days ago. For those of my readers who are not interested in European boxing, Rocky was one of the few German world champions, regardless now of what “federation” ; he won two championships in middle weight. ROCCHIGIANI was one of those guys who fought his way up, only to lose it all, and manage to come back. He blew his money, spent time in jail – the full circle. A terrible loudmouth sometimes.
But one thing no one could ever deny – he was always himself. What all these “personality consultants” tell their (seemingly un-authentic) clients and call “authenticity” – Rocky had enough of this : Not the cleverest or smartest boxer who ever graced a ring, but always Rocky. You should think that one needs a tank to run this guy over to make sure that he does not come back, but he was run over and killed by a person driving a SMART.

Some weeks ago Mr Inexplicable DeVice brought a list of some videos he “most recently watched courtesy of YouTube” “for no reason other than I thought they were quite a diverse selection”. Included was one with the divine Annie LENNOX. Mr Eroswings took the chance to list in the comments to the mentioned post a list of “top recently viewed” videos (that contain nice ladies). This made Mr LẌ put together and post his own list of “top ten videos”.
All this made me think about videos, stuff on youtube and other video platforms – I could not name five favourites. I remembered scenes from films I liked and did not forget despite the fact that I saw them maybe forty years ago for the first time. Like the picture of this canon in Mr KEATONs (Ger., Eng.) The General (Ger., Eng.)  Or what Jacques TATI (Ger., Eng.) did in all his films (just a scene). And then there were some short films that impressed me – I think La Cabina (Ger., Eng.) comes to mind first. Do not read about it, watch it here, 34 minutes. It is of archeological value, because only humans of a certain age know what a “telephon box” / “Telephonzelle” actually was.

Such a holiday in the middle of the week is a nice invention. But generally a week of four working days would be a nice idea, worth a try. I think some company in New Zealand is introducing it. But hey, they stand on their heads there and live in the future …

Yes, I Know …

If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it … But I could not resist the urge to fiddle with the settings and try a new theme.

The contrast should be pretty good – LX ?
The font is readable. The Bold and the Italics are not that persuading … Maybe I’ll use colour (for the names of the wonderful commentators) when answering comments.

Things Found


You may remember – or not, I do not like this vain self-referential guesture / ado – that I wrote about the “Futuro House” on this blog (here). Meanwhile there is something called the “Futuro House Net“. Thought I’d mention it.


Chairman Bill came up with a Psychopath-test, weeks ago, I’m slow. I scored 15.


While I’m at it – go and search for the next USB-thingy in the wall.


There’s a new film about the Rendlesham Forest Incident (Ger., Eng.) – still a fascinating series of events. My personal guess is, it was a stress test.


If you find some undeveloped film, perhaps from the eighties when you went into the woods, send it here.


And if you are interested in a real riddle, a bit disturbing too, read about the thirty year old YOGTZE-murder-case, in German, in English.