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Sunday Music, Monday Edition

Oh dear.
“Gestern noch auf stolzen Rossen, heute durch die Brust geschossen”, as WIlhelm HAUFF (Ger., Eng.) once put it in a poem called Reiters Morgenlied, Horseman’s Morning Song. After a weekend spent in fine company in sunny Suebia, I went to work this morning, still all good. Then I had to see the company doctor for the bi-annual check-up, and it went downhill from there. In the end he prohibited me from driving until I can show correct new glasses. He kindly avoided words like “ticking time bomb” and “accident waiting to happen”. I had realised that reading has become a bit difficult over time, but when I stared into this eye testing thingy, I understood that something is wrong. Cheating Adjusting the glasses did not work. And when the friendly assistant showed me a cardboard with a dot, I could not help and had to ask “Dot ?”, what produced a light sigh from her.
I drove home. Shortly afterwards my dispatcher’s right-hand-man wrestled the car keys from my shaking hands, and that was that.
And rightly so. The risk is simply much too big, it is totaly irresponsible not to act.
Tomorrow midday I’ll see the optician who “made” my glasses (in 2012), there will be an eyesight test resulting in correct new glasses (and a huge bill), and with a little luck I’ll be back on the road next week. Meanwhile I am on forced holiday, a good chance to look around and orientate oneself.
I need some friendly music today. Please listen with me to Mr David RUSSELL playing Minueto by Francisco de Asís Tárrega y Eixea.
I hope you like the music – and if you realise that your eyesight changes, have it checked please.



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Dies und Das

The boxer Graciano “Rocky” ROCCHIGIANI (Ger., Eng.) died some days ago. For those of my readers who are not interested in European boxing, Rocky was one of the few German world champions, regardless now of what “federation” ; he won two championships in middle weight. ROCCHIGIANI was one of those guys who fought his way up, only to lose it all, and manage to come back. He blew his money, spent time in jail – the full circle. A terrible loudmouth sometimes.
But one thing no one could ever deny – he was always himself. What all these “personality consultants” tell their (seemingly un-authentic) clients and call “authenticity” – Rocky had enough of this : Not the cleverest or smartest boxer who ever graced a ring, but always Rocky. You should think that one needs a tank to run this guy over to make sure that he does not come back, but he was run over and killed by a person driving a SMART.

Some weeks ago Mr Inexplicable DeVice brought a list of some videos he “most recently watched courtesy of YouTube” “for no reason other than I thought they were quite a diverse selection”. Included was one with the divine Annie LENNOX. Mr Eroswings took the chance to list in the comments to the mentioned post a list of “top recently viewed” videos (that contain nice ladies). This made Mr LẌ put together and post his own list of “top ten videos”.
All this made me think about videos, stuff on youtube and other video platforms – I could not name five favourites. I remembered scenes from films I liked and did not forget despite the fact that I saw them maybe forty years ago for the first time. Like the picture of this canon in Mr KEATONs (Ger., Eng.) The General (Ger., Eng.)  Or what Jacques TATI (Ger., Eng.) did in all his films (just a scene). And then there were some short films that impressed me – I think La Cabina (Ger., Eng.) comes to mind first. Do not read about it, watch it here, 34 minutes. It is of archeological value, because only humans of a certain age know what a “telephon box” / “Telephonzelle” actually was.

Such a holiday in the middle of the week is a nice invention. But generally a week of four working days would be a nice idea, worth a try. I think some company in New Zealand is introducing it. But hey, they stand on their heads there and live in the future …

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Back Home

Yes, I’m back ! To be precise, I am back since Tuesday evening. I spent some days in Suebia, climbing on hills mountains, waiting, having an interview, and finally travelling back by train. In the evening I collected my car from the colleague who thankfully had stepped in for me on Monday & Tuesday, and Wednesday morning saw me driving again.
Sadly I had to hand my vehicle in on Wednesday morning because it is needed at another station, and on an interim basis I was given a German product – a real bad deal !
The thing is cramped, and quickly was nicknamed “Blechdose” / tin can by the boys. Some things are simply done without second thought (e.g. the hand brake lever is nearly unreachable when someone sits next to me !), while other stuff is over-engineered : It took me nearly twenty minutes to get my head around the basic settings of the ultra modern, fully electronic air con that was slowly freezing my head off. In the Ford you have three knobs to turn, and that’s it.
A real letdown is the absolutely insufficient adaptability of the interior. There is only one single seat, and I can put it in one place or remove it – cool. It is not possible to install this heavy thing somewhere else. Two-seater-banks can be put in, in three positions only – this is simply not enough, lacks necessary flexibility.
Thankfully this unprofessional tool is a) only rented, and b) only temporarily in use – I am promised my vehicle back next Tuesday.

After this short update about the actual Stand der Dinge here, I must ask you, venerated readers, for help.
As you may have learned over the years – if you had thankfully the patience to read this drivel for so long – I am interested in deceptions, impostors etc. For years I try to remember the name of someone about whom I read when I was still in school – maybe in the late seventies or early eighties. The man whose name I forgot is an impostor who tricked British journalists into paying him money for stories. He must have had his heyday in the sixties and seventies, his scam only worked in the days of the Cold War.
If I remember it correctly he would typically phone some journalist from a Swiss phone booth that stands next to the Soviet embassy, tell a shocking story, and set the trap up. He would creat an air of conspiracy, have the journalist travel, meetings would fail,  finally he’d cash in.
He did this not for “fun” or to transport some whatever political / artsy / trallala message, he did this for the benefit of his portemonnaie only, and it worked.
He formed a certain reputation over the years, and older British journalists had an expression for this, or for him, but I do not know the expression, and I forgot his name. As I remember he looked absolutely unremarkable, bowler hat, moustache, colours from I-don’t-know.
Does this ring a bell ? Can one of my venerated readers help me with this ?



Venerated reader, I have to beg for pardon. Perhaps the first time since I started “Sunday Music” as a regular feature some years ago, I did not publish it on Sunday or Monday ; over time  there were one or two Tuesday editions, but a “Sunday” Music on Wednesday is a bit much.
I can give as an excuse only that I was busily exploring my surroundings, castles were involved. To give you an impression of what can be found here, and of course as captatio benevolentiæ, see a little clip showing a mysterious lady walking around – you guessed it – a castle.