Interlude, British

I have to beg for Your pardon, dearest MsScarlet, because this is another “political” post, and I do know that You do not like to read about such matters here. But what I saw this evening simply excited me, and I think I should mention it here.
I wanted to write about the Huzulei, what sent me down a rabbit hole, thinking about history in general, in particular, and how I became a “historian” etc., this is for later.
Watching the news – that is, scrolling through websites – I stumbled over Mr CUMMINGS, and the first thing that (really) “popped up” in my head was the German word “Schuft”, and how to translate it. My online dictionaire gave me words I can not really assess, like “wretch”, “cad”, or “scoundrel” – the latter I already have heared a long time ago, I have not read one of the other suggestions lately. Maybe the word irself is out-dated. It generally describes a man without honour, einen ehrlosen Menschen.
Usually I avoid “videos” at all cost, but here I could not resist.
I do not know about Mr CUMMINGS honour, but what I saw today, and read, is, well, a well performed murder on open scene. And he is (as what I saw in clips) absolutely within himself in this performance – kudos ! I think we see the groundwork for his return to power – and believe me, nothing else is more important to him than power, he is hooked ! – in a Gove-Shunak production that will go over the ramp soon. I may be wrong about this, may be still under the spell of this evening’s performance, but what I saw was great : This guy has potential, he is carved out for a leading role, and – despite the fact that I dislike basically everything of this man – I truly think he could be one of the few, who can handle power.
Again, I have no idea whether this is something really remarkable in the large connexion, or just a bump in the road I watch from a mole’s hill, and hence over estimate. But I am impressed. I simply can not imagine such a Schurkerei in German politics – it would be suicide. But in this special case here, it is not – au contraire, it is survival : CUMMINGS will not go away.
Sorry again, the Huzulei will follow soon. Politics is never boring on these islands off Europe.

Boring Political Post Ahead

I am very sorry, dear Reader, but I feel the need to write about something that “drives me around”. I do not know how my brain works – in the end my best guess is that it is a kind of sponge that takes in anything it reads or heares, then miraculously puts things together and finally oozes out something like a thought, in the form of a bubble that emerges from the sponge-swamp … what an awry image. BTW it mostly works in images.
Anyway, I can not forget (one bubble came up) the video I saw some years ago that showed a “republican” of some rank (I forgot who the prick is, and I have no interest in retrieving the video. In the end anybody has the right to make an arse out of himself, and imho this guy did extensively at this occasion.), a “republican” I say, who makes “fun” of Kamala HARRIS’ name – ending with something like ” … mela, mala, whatever …”. What I clearly remember is the arrogance and the contempt of the speaker.

The “republican” party of the USA is now finally & officially a party based on lies, or better : The Big Lie. I have absolutely no sympathy for Ms CHENEY, who will be removed of some duties and ranks in the “republican” party soon. She is a creature of this “party”, she helped to form this “party”, she profited from this party work, she holds views that make my toes curl, to say the least. Her only “mistake” is that she told her party “friends” that the election is over and the Democrats won, in the end that Mr BIDEN is the lawfully elected President. To tell this truth is enough to be demoted. Other “republicans”, who had the guts to fight against the elephant in the room, can kiss their political career good-bye. ROMNEY, as I read somewhere, was booed from stage at some party gathering.
Let’s make it clear : If you want to hold an office in the “republican” party of the USA you have to lie. You have to kiss the ex-president’s (star fish shaped) ring, and kowtow to the criminal program that is connected with this initial lie – this program in the end aims at getting rid of the USAmerican democracy. All state-level actions, election laws, the “republican” party hammers through, aim at one thing : Make voting / taking part in the election as impossible as achievable. Especially for non-whites.
TRUMPs minions range from the party’s head honchos to those beared, white idiots in military gear, who carry automated weapons, organise themselves in militias, and generally “stand by” – Ready for violent “action”. The actions of the 6th of January show clearly where the train travels to. TRUMP now finally is what he ever wanted to be – what he always blared out : He is the leader of the movement, der Fuehrer der Bewegung. And if you do not hail the fuehrer, you are out.

Now let us assume that on one faithful day in the not so distant future Mr BIDEN makes a wrong step, and bonks his head on the side of a desk. Or suffers from a heart attack, or a stroke – whatever happens in a nearly eighty-year-old body of a man who takes a high pressure job serious. For this case you have a vice-president, you may say : ” … whatever Harris”, as the guy grinned.
I think that some people around the globe may see this as a “golden chance”. I am sure that in the moment it is confirmed that BIDEN is replaced by HARRIS, our friend Vlad (the impaler) pushes a button and sends out his troll army to create instability by propaganda, white, grey and black one. Do not forget that it is now established (!) that Russia was heavily involved in TRUMPs 2016 campagne. Maybe the Chinese have something similar in petto, I do not know.
I am pretty sure that the average “republican’s'” reaction (from “lawmaker” to militia gallowglass) will not be “All hail President HARRIS” but more something along the line “NO niggermother tells me nothing !” I am very sure that the military and the agencies will generally be loyal to the State, but what will happen on local “states'” level I do not know. And of course there will be violence – it’s Amurga after all ! If one black “neighbourhood defence committee” confronts some white “boyscouts” there will be some dead bodies left on the scene, more sooner than later : Yippieahyeah, here we go. (See how some “republicans” style this juvenile murderer from Kenosha as “hero”, look at those people’s mindset.)
I really think that the potential for some far reaching, violent confrontation is there – something we call vulgo “unrest”, or “B├╝rgerkrieg”. The faultlines are established since the 19th century, maybe even longer, and there is nothing left to plaster over them, TRUMP ripped the patch off. The new administration works itself through the debris of those lost four years, surely a promise for the future, but all is terribly fragile. And it takes time – Jessas, it’s not yet six months !
The “good will” is all gone since – when ? Maybe this started under Ronnie, but I am not sure. The “tribalism”, as some call it, will stay, will possibly even become entrenched & un-removable. I really believe that, if BIDEN is replaced by HARRIS, the stress on this already stressed out system (state and society) will become too strong, things will start to break apart, the centrifugal forces will be too strong to be contained. I have no clue what that will mean for the interior situation of the formerly “united” “states”. In foreign politics it could mean that China simply annexes Taiwan (and possibly gets rid of Mr KIM) ; that we Europeans have to welcome Russian tank crews on our Eastern borders, if they are so nice to stop there ; & whatever may happen in the Near East, GOd alone may know. The way Amurga treated “allies” over the last few years taught everybody a good lesson.
It’s all fun and game as long as you Zupfer kill only yerself, yer all free to do that – but, sadly, if things go really bonk, the rest of the world has to suffer too. So let’s hope that Mr BIDEN carries on well through his term, in his full capability, until the next election sees President HARRIS take over. There is no serious alternative.

Finally Lark’s Tongues in Aspic. (Yes, we have had this already in January this year, but I like it.) I hope you enjoy it, it grows on you.



The Deed Is Done

The fix was in from the start, but I thought that a small chance existed for these “republican” senators to find a spine, of course in vain. Small men are small men, and fourtythree from fifty will stay small men or women or whatever, for the rest of their lives, and the history books. This result is the fitting final shitstain on US history marking the end of Trump I. reign.
What everybody already knew, is now proven beyond any doubt : If you are rich, white, and an amoral swine, you get away with anything in Amurga – simply because the jury will be filled with rich, white, and amoral swine. Even when you try to overthrow the effing state.
From now on, no US politican, not even one of the actual administration, shall ever point his, her or its gout-ridden finger against a country like Russia, China, or whatever dictatorship available, and accusate them of something like violation of “values” – because now it is proven beyond any doubt that all “values” the constitution stands for, are neglectable waste. If Amurga stands out in something, it is her level of hypocrisy.
The assessment of Merkel is still correct, Amurga is no more reliable partner. The actual administration may be different, but there is the possibility of a return of the orange creature, or its spawn (say hello to pres ‘Vanka in four years !), the chance to get rid of the fuehrer is given away again. Next time they’ll do better. Promised.

Just Give the Man a Shot !

There is an 86 year old man in Suebia, who waits for his (long promised) corona shot. He managed to navigate the website where you are envisaged to make your appointment. This includes an sms to your portable, then you do fill in the code this sms brought to you, and voila, there you go.
Or not. Because there is no vaccine.
The man in Suebia is in remarkably good health, is capable of using all those modern means of communication, unaided, all by himself, others are not.
The local authority in his administrational unit – and not only there, but all over Southern Germany – built in remarkable short time “Impfzentren”, stations for vaccination, for the crowds they expect(ed). This was not a masterclass in logistics, but it was a real great effort, and showed their capability if need be, from zero to working order in about two weeks ?
A real great achievment is that we actually do have vaccines, developed, tested, ready to use, from zero to ram-it-in-the-arm within less than a year : This is pretty unique I think.
The German minister for healthcare worked, as I read, on something he called “Impfunion” ; if I understood it right, a kind of collaboration of the single national health-care systems or administrations in order to organise the acquisition & distribution of vaccines on a European level – at least is this what I remember, vaguely, I did not follow all this.
Because I simply thought that it would be not a real problem to distribute the stuff. But said minister was called back, and told to not interfere here, because this is the job of the European Union, the head herself would take care. What makes sense : The pandemic is a supranational event, so the coordination should also be on a supranational level, especially in such a construction as the European Union is.
Right now the distribution does not work, there is outright quarrel over contracts and whatnot, and the sound heared from Bruxelles is pretty shrill, strident even. A manager of a pharmaceutical company says that he wants to publish contracts to show that his company is absolutely on the correct side : I think he does not have to, because – as I saw, again, with just “one eye” – the contracts of the EU are already public on the web. If you want to sacrifice some hours of your lifetime, you can look up the contracts between the commission and Astra (& others), and read for yourself.
In short : They screwed the thing up royally.
The lady in charge on the European side served as German minister of war, usually called ministery of defense. Under her aegis there were difficulties in the area of procurement, maybe even some cases of lousy mismanagement. But the closet was nailed shut over these skeletons when she went to Bruxelles. She seemingly took her tremendous ability to manage purchase, acquisition & distribution with her, totally unaware of the need to seek professional help, of course.
So the man in Suebia, and thousands & thousands of others, do have to wait, until finally, on one uncertain day in spring or even summer, a lorry rumbles on that parking lot called “Impfzentrum” (if it will still be standing after this sow rich winter) with some paletts of vaccine.
Meanwhile the new variant(s), those that are more powerful, more contagious, do actually spread in Southern Germany, and elsewhere. If you read the local news, you may learn that a hospital here, a care home there, is infected, with people dying, and that it already IS caused by the new strain. (Numbers at single events are comparable with those in spring, when nobody really understood what was going on.) Strangley enough, as a friend observed, nobody uses the word “hotspot” anymore.
So the crap (sorry) is already here – the discussion whether planes should be averted, borders closed etc. is absolutely futile, it is already too late. The Suebian gouvernement seriously pondered the idea to open schools from next week on, they do not, simply because of the (rapid & uncontrolled spread of) new variant(s), and because no one knows for sure what we will face. It seems possible that we will have a third wave, caused, and run, by the new variant(s). At least in part, thanks to unprofessionality on the highest level of the European administration.