purrr …

I always liked cats. In the last week or so some posts about cats appeared (Jay, LGS).
I just want to link to this. Maybe the old Egyptians were right to meet them with veneration. Somewhere in Hitchhiker’s Guide appears an old man in a hut who tries to understand his cat. Just came to my mind …



So good the weekend was, the start of the week wasn’t. This Tuesday is lost. After a bad night I slept in, did not reach the set goals, was just running around to pick up things, and finally gave in around the late afternoon – nothing to expect today any more: Tomorrow is another day and a new start.
Friday was my last seminar. We had a last hour of resuming and discussion – the date (20. Juli [44]) gave a good start – and than went to a small tavern. They make good beer there, especial “Sternla” (= little star) is an interesting brew.
I am waiting for some answers from possible customers and/or employers, but nothing so far. A possible project went bang – promises are not worth a dime anymore – and that means the financial planing needs revision, to put it mildly.

Clouds roll in low, shades of gray blue white, the next downpour is imminent – Charles Fort wrote once about us humans living on the bottom of a sea-bed, looking up to the surface where the merchand-ships sail – and sometimes they loose something or they brake. Than it’s raining fish in the desert or red herring in London – aah Charley Fort was crazy but wrote interesting books and spent his time in the British Library – and not just this last point makes me sympathize with him. I know of the Fortean organisation and the Fortean Times. I actually checked some of his sources when I read his books and found his citations correct. One story of tiny coffins that were found in a cave in Scotland made my shiver. So my new catch of the week is the Charles Fort Institute.


Another weekend, another wedding. Must be a virus going ’round …
Just at home from the reception, sleeping off the champagne for an hour, then to the italian chef, hmhm one may look forward to some cooking event here, the guy has some reputation.

All there

I see a lady returning from an ill friend’s hospital-bed trying to understand and not to weep.

I see a young woman keeping it together, and everything, trusting in the seemingly unending reservoir of her power.

I see an old man banging his head in disgust over prejudice and stupidity knowing too well of his own weaknesses.

I see a lady sitting and thinking about the cat, life, proverbs 31, not messing it up.

I see a young woman recovering from cancer, gardening.

I see a wise rodent.

I see a tormented soul fighting, balancing, walking the line – payne, creativity and an unbreakable will, to life – I hope.

I see an old man sitting at his selfmade desk playing with his old dogs, watching thinking schweigend.

I see the purse-swinger in the bubble, smiling, eyes open, curious and bobbin’.

I see a man trying to be there while she dies.

I see an impossible fighter winning.

I see a warrior in the community center.

And a LADY doing her lips when going outside.