What is Culture to you?


I invite everybody to drop by the “culture-blog” to leave a comment, a thought, what ever answer to the question:
What is culture to you?

I set it up today, because I will have the first session of a seminar dealing with “cultural theories” in the late afternoon and thought it to be a good idea to ask the (blogging-)world about its idea of “culture”.

I would like you to help me to make this site known by linking it and posting a notice on your blog – let us see what comes out of it!

Return to normal

Easter full of sun, blossoms and scents, what a joy to be alive.
Back to the desk, reading, writing, going on.
Now I am an official resident of this community, I was handed the village-calendar. On one of the photographs I found the house I live in. Playing with “google earth” I could find the car I used on the parking lot.
Back to work, searching other people’s ancestors.


Here we go again. I tried to phograph out of my new kitchenwindow, but the results were thus disappointing, that I did not want them to be seen by anybody! Maybe in the evening, when the sun sets on the other site of the house. It is amazing to see how old habits survive in new surroundings. For example I ritually put on my watch, ring, wallet, handkerchief or put them in diverse pockets – but where to put them in the evening in the new room? I remember watching my father doing his preparations for the day in a similar way and I thought that I would never do such a ridiciulous thing! But rituals structure the flow of live that otherways would be without form. The weekend saw me transcribing letters from the 19th century Germans in America wrote to each others. The “originals” I had were grey photocopies, but amazingly it worked. I can not always be such a good original as the 16th century billing I worked on before. Here you see a cutting from it.

Mr. Telekom did fix my telephonline, not my private net-connection … Ah yes.


This is just a quick update: Mr. Telekom does not want to fix anything – I should not have been rude to him. It is my fault, I know … He knows that I will be after him, when everything is fixed – I know where you live Telekom-Man!

No, it is not that bad. I have to press my books into the given space and it does not fit – some have to go and I have to deceide which – that takes some time. I had to go through a lot of personal items from my parents and other family-related things and can gladly say, that I managed to ged rid of many. In a way I put an end to a phase or stage of my life. One box is enough.
Slowly things drop at their right place. I did not forget the promised photographs and at the weekend I will post them with a longer text.

Have a good time and don’t mess with telekom-man!