Dis and dat

At the moment I have the strong conviction, that powerful stereosystems should be handed out to people over 30 only and never, NEVER, to people of russian origin. Those damn bastards are driving the neighbourhood mad with their stupid russian-disco-beat. Sooner or later the cops will arrive and there will be more screaming and shouting … These people are unable to learn.

Anyway. I have an other Catch of the week: The Rumen. It’s probably not the most practical car around, absolutly no “muscle-car”, nothing to rove the land with – it’s just an automobile.
I hope you like it too.

(An hour after the original post there was a loud fall/bonk and later there was silence: Igor finally was chopped by the booze and somebody managed to switch the boom-boom-machine. But the vigilantes are gathering …)




I remember when I was a child, that I had sometimes a “strange feeling” [ein seltsames Gefühl], that draw my attention to something or someone. Sometimes I felt the obligation to go to a place, to look after someone; if this was not possible I looked for the watch and noticed what time it was, trying to remember that. Later I would ask that person, what (s)he was doing at this time.
It’s gotten weaker when I grew older. It even vanished. But sometimes it is like an order, a command: Pick up the phone! Think of this person!
I call, I think, I wonder.

Monday is fine

Thank God, this weekend is over. It was no joy and fun. Let’s see what the new week will bring, it can only get better.

Going by train

I guess that I have to change my attitude towards getting up early. Yesterday morning the trains were in time, empty and – luxury! – even the windows were clean. I found a nice waggon with some blokes lying there and there, and it had a very relaxed, even friendly atmosphere (of course the smoker department). I met friendly conductors!
No adolescent burping-contest, no “business”-people spluttering in their portable in full cry, so that everybody gets it how important they are, no family trying out grandfather’s cheese-collection – that’s what I got on my way home. Sometimes it is very okay to wear the silver skull-ring a friend gave to me …

The archive gave a negative result: I found some dates that were necessary; it is proofed now that after a certain date no one with the familyname in question married or died in the area. They simply moved. I have a suspicion and to check this we have to make a trip to the countryside, because these registers are not (yet) filmed and so one must look into the originals on location. Hey – that’ll be even better than mondaymorningluxurytrains!