Technical miracle

I am not an enemy of technics – in fact without technic mankind would not survive. I do use computers, I drive a car, I use elevators – but I do not understand why a machine works in which way: The internal processes are absolutly unknown to me. Chemistry, physics, technical engeneering – sorry. I belong to the other fraction.
I use a phone that was given to me by a friend when he moved to an other town. It fits and meets the technical requirements and it is easy to use. There is a display and the menue is as simple as can be, so that fortysomething magos can use it. It works for some years now.
Why did it change one menue-point and told me this evening that it would send incoming phonecalls to a service-number I do not know? That is what I read on the display when I came back home here ’round midnight. I checked the menue and found all points for sending calls to an phone-box marked as “yes”. I never used this, I do not want to use this, I do not know this given number. If Telekom or whoever wants me to use some unwanted “service” they should at least find the friendlyness to tell me that they will change something – and not “just do it”.
Anyway, I do not care about such things. Let them machines do what they want – as long as a human can pull the plug …



Most things man does, he does trying to make things last. For example the wedding-ceremony I attended aimes besides to respectability and rightfulness to the lasting of the connection and wants to asure this by calling the mightiest potence possible here, God itself.
Our ritualized doing gives structure to otherwise unstructured behavior and situations and is a means to “make things stay forever”. I hope my use of the words is not too bad and misunderstandable.
As every human being has to learn, change is unavoidable – we ourselfes change, this mago is different from the mago 20 years younger. Thank God! Life is change and man wants to have stability, unchangable “things”, something “für immer”, for ever, perpetual. So ritual, ceremony, doing something following the “old” forms and thus creating tradition (or at least the illusion of it) are like fixed islands in the streaming of life.

Time is not the enemy. It just is and we are in it – for ever. Pain is a part of life, the physical can be dealt with in some way (at least where the drugs are available), the mental or spiritual pain …

“Frau Welt” (literally “Miss World (!)) is a figure that shows on one side a living, healthy, blossoming woman. The other side shows a skeleton. I do not have good pictures here, what I found is from a museum. In my head are pictures from paintings I once seen (possibly from altars), but I was unable to locate them via web or in books.
“Media in vita in morte sumus”, in the middle of life we are in death. The historical era or piece of time of the european cultural history I like best and try to learn all about is the Baroque, roughly the time between 1555 and 1650 or later, depending on what you are looking for or dealing with (architecture, arts generally, literature, politics, religion).

Sorry, no explanation for the title.

Birds dreaming

Tired I sit at the desk. I came back here early in the morning at 5 from a wedding. It took place in Franfurt a.M. and was the most peaceful, harmonic and friendly example of his kind I attend so far. The church was full and the catholic mass was impressive on me, but I know not exactly whether it was the catholic in it or the non-protestant.
The following welcome was nice and later family and friends gathered in a hotel. A friendly location not too large with good food and service. Speeches were given, relatives of both bride and groom singing songs mildly poking fun, later dancing. A peaceful atmosphere, no quarrelling, no drunk cousin … The bridal pair in its late forties with the guests in the same range of age it was a very homogen group. It was easy to have conversations with strangers. I was at weddings in my own family and from friends 20 years younger that turned into desasters, I am sure anyone can tell stories about such events. But when you are of a certain age, have functioning families and enough money to care for the fitting surroundings it does not have to.
From two o’clock on the audience thinned out, we sat for a quiet chat. Later I drove home via the empty autobahn, right into the morning through the blue hour between roughly 4 and 5 and when I arrived the birds had their full morning-conversations on – what do they have to talk about early in the morning? Are they all repeating their dreams to each others?

Friday night

Friday night and rain. Rain when going through the city to the station, rain on the way, rain from the station to the bus, from bus to house. Cold rain. Last evening with thunder and lightning around the horizon for some hours. I can not remember having heared rolling thunder in this area, and I life here for 25 years – way too long.

Seminar went good this day. Last week we heared about the concept of “cultural heretidge”, the Unesco-thing, and what it’s consequences are. The idea of “culture” on which this is based is mostley and amazingly of an aesthetic nature. Always “beauty” as category, as if the ideas of beauty would not change …
This week’s theme was “cultural historiography” in western Europa, special Germany. The referents worked through their materials, understood something and could report, we had lively discussions. I like when they wake up even on a lazy and sultry Friday afternoon at five. When my job is to moderate the discussion and sip water it is a good session. Next week we’ll have a look at semiotics and frater Humbertus de Bologna.

This seminar can only give an overview, a tour d’horizon. It is meant to give a kind of map, they shall know some marks and have heared about persons, disciplins, theories they will encounter again and again. And because this map through the woods is drawn by me there are other and probably better ones and maybe I follow an individual road. It does not take away from them to look for themselves and for their own ways. But with knowing some points in the landscape its a little easier. I hope some of them will risk to travel on their own.