Bob Vido

The catch of the week features this time Bob Vido. I have sympathy for people like him which create their own art, regardless of other people’s opinions. I find it fascinating how from nearly lost traces an image of his life is created in my imagination. It’s detective’s work that the makers of the site did. I did not listen to Bob’s music, I don’t know why, but I am sure that he is absolutly earnest about all his work.



This Friday Sokal’s hoax was the theme. It’s now around ten years ago that Alan Sokal published a nonsensical text in a journal to expose the postmodern sensefree jargon to the intelectual world.
It is a good example for explaining to students that they should not believe in “holy” authorities: Science is not a religion, it is science. And there are no sacred, holy texts. A good friend started to study (again) in the beginning of the ninties and in the sociology-seminar they were meditationing about texts by French heavy-weight Lacan. Lacan once wrote, that the aim of his writing is not be understood – well, he made it.
The postmodern nonsense became unbearable – at least for Sokal – when they started to put mathematical or physical theories in their theories as explanations for human behavior and other humanities. To make it worse, these mathematical and other theories were not understood by the people that borrowed them. Recommended literatur is Sokal/Bricmont, Fashionable Nonsens. The german edition is not longer available.

The chosen few

It is a remarkable photograph of a gang. Chicago. Strong men in leather. Maybe a hundrethousand years of jail looking in the lens. All black.
I saw it in a book, maybe I possess it, and the folks were standing behind a billiard table – a must: Where else? End 1960ties or early 1970ties.
It was a statement: A black man can also drive a Harley David (son of a bitch).
There are black cowboys too.

As you can see I changed the organisation of this site a bit: I grew tired with clicking in “favorits” and than on the blogs I visit regularily – so I put some links here on the right and called it “The chosen few”. Feel honoured. I put the names there because the web and the blog-thing is something about people, about human beings. “People” is a mass, human being is a single one, an individual (literaly one who is not to be divided, cut in halves), a person. On the blog we show some parts of our person, personality if you like, AND we see, we recognize, we reveal.

So this is a list of human beings whose exhibitions on the web I visit regular, to whom I feel connected, because their revelations are in part mine too.

It’s a mirror.

The snow melted

Yes, enough Snow.
Proxima mentioned a sword in her last comment, what made me think of my own sword: A true companion for forty years now! I fought thounderous battles with it. On the sheath scenes from the Nibelungen saga are depicted. A mighty weapon that lays occasionally near my frontdoor. I even managed to bend it once, so it isn’t too stright anymore.

They were sold on the Volksfest. I have to visit the next fiesta and look whether they are still in stock.