3rd of October

Third of october is “the national holyday” in Germany. For no special reason – at least I do not know what happened on this day that would justify to make it “the” national day. It was chancellor Kohl’s idea. Maybe the date was free in his agenda.
There ARE important dates in german history: For example the 8th of May, when 1945 the war ended. Or the 11th of November, when 1918 the first murderous killing-feast ended – as remembered by the French, the British and other nations. 17th of June 1953 the eastern workers started a rebellion against the communist regime, many died. 9th of November (1918) the first german republic was called into being, others could be listed. Some important dates are in the 11th month, month of the dead as some people call it.
Naah, we have 3rd of october. To remember. Something. Or what.

Some people think history has something about morals. I guess these people have a romantic look and idea about what history is. For me history is lived human life. The human being of the 12th or 16th century p.c.n. or the Roman republic is no different from you and me. It is homo sapiens sapiens.
The surroundings, the possibilities, the systems of value are totally different. The questions of being a human, the conditio humana, is always the same – the answers vary. Looking at history you look at this different answers – from the point in time and space you stand on, that determines your way of perception. It is important to realize that: We call it relativity. The total of this relations could be called culture I think.
Sometimes I see it as a giant kaleidoscope.

History teaches “Us” nothing, because “Us” can not learn. “I” can learn, “You” can learn. You and I can look at other humans that had to face or were driven by things like greed, hate, ambition, challenges of the most different kind and how they reacted, had success or failed. It is possible that history teaches you something, but only when you learned to ask. That seems to be a silly sentence, but to learn something one has to have an idea of the matter, has to be able to ask the question – one has to know what he wants to know.


Sunday! Just a quiet, sunny, ordinary sunday. No “to do”-list – at least just a little one, preparing tomorrow’s business, but that can wait until the evening.

Have a good time, I hope you can enjoy what ever you are doing this day!
(Except traveling …)


Ach …

Every culture invented it, found it, was challenged with coping with it. Besides it’s possible bad consequences for a single human being, I think that it is a great benefit for mankind: Beer, wine, spirits – it is deep rooted in our society and our culture. We can not escape it, so we have to handle it. What counts for a lot of things.


No drinks, no coffee

Sitting in the chair, looking at the wall: Grey to the left, yellowish on the right side. An air-conditioner humming. Distant music, very distant, something classic. On the ceiling they pinned a kind of poster, blue deep, kind of fish to the sides – remembered a very old screen-saver …
I wiggled my toes in my shoes. That reminded me of Bukowksy, who once describes as he sits on a chair and waits and wiggles his toes, because nothing else is to be done. Hank is dead.

Then she comes in, thin, energetic, strong handed, freckled. And yes, we will remove this tooth now, shouldn’t be a problem. It became a problem. After 40 minutes working, drilling and asking “for the big one”, we took another x-ray. Obviously the one-sided-rotten baby-tooth on it’s other side was nearly unbreakable. She called her colleague and they had a conference. They decided to drill on. My remarks about quality-teeth and whether I would make it into a magazin-article were not helpful. At least she laughed. After 80 minutes they gave up – if the remaining ruins do not come out after that, they will stay there for the rest of my time. They pampered the crater and handed me the pain-killers. I asked for “H” but was denied. Instead they gave me a paper with the “Don’ts”. Sadly I am not allowed to get awfully drunk this evening and may not have coffee tomorrow. I drove home.
After some hours I could feel my tongue and different parts of my face again. Whatever she injected into the flesh of my mouth before starting to pull – I am very thankful for it.
Maybe in three months she’ll attack the one on the other side of the jaw.