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Was lange währt …

Some moons ago (nearly seven years) I mentioned European castrated slaves (Carzimasier), and we had a little conversation about the topic of European slavery.
So for the one (or two) readers, who still remember this, it may be interesting to learn that a conference is announced that will address exactly this subject :
“Spuren des Sklavenhandels im Heiligen Römischen Reich und seinen Nachfolgestaaten: Diskurse, Praktiken und Objekte, 1500-1850” will take place in Bremen at the end of November / start of December (link), s’il vous plait. There should be answers to the questions from some years ago. A publication is planned for 2019. À votre service

mago, Sunday Music

Sunday Music

Autumn came with might at the end of the last week. The temperature dropped, leaves change their colours, rain – rainbow time, dramatic skies: One can stand in the sun on a hill and watch hills and mountains vanish in a distant, getting wiped out by marauding rain clouds, colourful sunsets, wind.
I never thought about why I write this blog. I never made a plan or gave it a second thought, Melanie saied it would be unfair to comment only and she’s right: So I write, open up a bit. For others it may be a helpful tool, an outlet (neurotic or not), a place to vent, to voice, to come clear with situations thoughts emotions.
Blogs come to an end too. Some blogs I followed were simply stopped or deleted, or took long breaks. Sometimes it came as a surprise, others simply felt that this road had ended. I always hope that those, who allowed me to have a look at what they wanted to share, go on with their lives in a good way, unhurt, “happy” eventually.
Here’s a little music by Julia HÜLSMANN (Ger.).
Hopefully we’ll see a fine autumn – may the coming week be gentle to all of us.




Nr. 4

Cortot, Arrau, Blechacz, Tiempo, Richter … of course Horowitz, Ashkenazy – every and single one of them and a lot of other first class pianists did this fine, small and only on first sight “easy” piece. Some did it slower, some faster, with different pronounciation.
And there is Martha Agerich.
(Bio at DG, wiki ger., eng.)




Get out!

It’s SUNNY! Clear sky! Blue!
Time for a walk.
There is still ice over the puddles.

A kind of early butterfly!

In German the name is “Weidenkätzchen”.

Just an ordinary Feldweg, a lot to discover.