“B” – Like in “Back” & “Barf”

Back in Franconia – the same old dust, the same old books, some new letters, and btw I will have the same driving schedule as in the last school year, just one kid more. This is good, as it means that I will earn the same amount of money, safety ’til next summer.


Some weeks ago I was at a neighbour’s flat, and he wanted to show me something on the internet. By accident he clicked on the wrong clip in his list, and something from this obscure “Q” sect started. It showed swirling clouds (this is not a correct translation for the German word “wabernd”, sorry ; these clouds were not only “wabernd”, but “dräuned” too), Wagnerian “music” set in and “Der Sturm bricht los” was blended over these claudy Ungetüme.
It was fascist design at its finest, and immedeately reminded me of Goebbels’ Sportpalast Rede (Ger., Eng.) (“Wollt ihr den totalen Krieg ?”) that ended with the Propagandaminister shouting “Sturm brich’ los !”
This made me look for more information about these conspiracy – and a conspiracy it is, nothing else. I read a lengthy article about its origins, and another one about it sapping successfully into what we call mainstream, and people who actually built & make a political career based on this crap.
Frankly, who ever believes in this, has his brains liquified and pissed them out : It is beyond any thing, subterranean, there is nothing left to discuss.

It reminded me of two things, historical examples, if you will.
a) Back in stoneage, as a young student I was living in a dormitory that was run by the university (“Studentenwerk”). All fine, but they were “renovating” in a way, so that you could not be sure to use your room when you came home in the afternoon – it was really that bad, seemingly based on guerrilla-tactics.
Of course there was a lot of fighting back – after all it was a twelve story building filled with students, half of them aspiring students of law ! The “authority” used to communicate by pamphlets on the black board. So the janitor carried some copies from the bureau, and dutifully pinned them on every floor’s black board in the morning, for the inhabitants to read and marvel on. And they were really bad : Bad grammar, bad language, simply idiotic.
Some irresponsible individuals started to pervert these publishings and did their own – persiflage it is called. What did you need in those days ? A typewriter, and a xerox. (I really wonder, if people younger than thirty know what these are.)
And one day the joke fired back, when two inhabitants followed the instructions on a fake pamphlet, and started to rip out the floor of their rooms (“from under the sink, clockwise, turning left [!]”.
From roughly 150 inhabitants of this dormitory, two were not able to discern persiflage from “reality”. They just followed “instructions”, and did what had to be done. Because a piece of paper said so.
So there are always idiots.
b) The mystical founder of this complot claims to be someone “inside”. This is exactly the main idea of the “Soldatensender Calais” – a sophisticated double-cross action by the Brits in WWII.
There was a “Chef” (“der Scheff”, has nothing to do with cooking, Adolf himself was referred to as “der Chef” by those around him), who sends out messages to his unit, seemingly from the place Calais. This figure / persona was designed as a trustworthy military man (“Wehrmacht”, as in opposite to brass (SA), and party soldiers, what means SS), talking to those under his command, “true soldiers”. Mixed in were real news, actual news indeed regarding things happening at the front. All this, the mix, made it very credible – in fact, my father told me that he (as a fifteen year old) and others were listening to the Soldatensender in late 1944 and early 1945, and taking it for real. (And hence were not persecuted for listening to a “Feindsender”.)
Of course it had to be killed off with the advancing allied forces – and Masterman’s (Eng. – why is there no German wiki enrty for this man ?!) men made a real show of it.
So, there is a recipe for “black propaganda”.
And do not think that it is not studied & used today, of course adapted to the wounderful means of “communication” / “social media” we have now, like – you know their names : All a thinking person keeps away from.

This would be fun, an exciting social experiment, but it is not in real life. Simply because idiots are enabled to built political careers on lies : There are people elected in “Amurga” based on this bullshit ! Of course running for the “president’s” “party” – incredible. I never thought that I would see this “party” simply decompose – all that is left are spineless worms, and Moscow Mitch to rule them.
A young man I was talking to a few days ago, characterised the complot as “Elders of Zion on steroids” – and I think this is spot on.
Of course the socalled “president” of the still “united” “states” likes these “people”.
Mann kann nicht so viel fressen, wie man kotzen möcht’.

Kanye For President !

Political rant ahead, sorry.

In despair and disgust I look at the news from the UsofA. What happens in Portland – and soon will happen in other cities – is something right out of the dictator’s textbook.
Let us assume that you are a ruler and feel that you slowly loose the grip on yer subjects. A protest movement grows, and it seems not to go away. It has dangerous potential, and you need to get rid of it. Of course your usual fearmongering runs on full volume, but these damn protesters do not follow your script. So you do, what you always do : escalate. And you do best escalate, when you give these pesky protestors any chance to radicalise themselves fast : Attack them !
In the images I see from Portland I see no “police”. I see white men in military gear who shoot rubber bullets & sting grenades, who gas people, and randomly kidnap some civilians. It is just one step below using live ammunition and let people vanish. I see them behave like an army in an occupied city, simply because that is what they are. This is not “policing”, this is terrorism. Shooting sting grenades at protesting mothers, letting people vanish from the street – that is what you expect from some third class military despot in Southern America, not from an only roughly “normal” USAmerican “president”. But this is what happens under the rule of Donnie Rotten, the little fuehrer.
And I fear it is the blueprint for things to come in the next winter. Donnie Rotten “does not lose”, he always wins. And he is a sucker for violence, he was really frustrated when the images of looting undermenschen did not get produced in Tulsa. So the rightful protestors, and inhabitants, of Portland shall fill the scene – and of course his Verfügungstruppe will show up in other places where the major and the gouvernor are Democrats, “fucking traitors that they are …”
Any opposition ? Forget the Republicans, spineless worms do not rebel against the ass in which they comfortably live.
The Democrats ? Write a letter. Ms Pelosy says that “we live in a democracy, not a banana republic”.
The Democrats want to carry on making politics based on insight, understanding, and compromise. And on the opposite side of table ballons the smirking visage of Moscow Mitch, the embodiment of corruption. Who bakes new judges like bread rolls – all of them of course based on political affiliation, not on juridical competence -, happily undermining the independence of one of the columns democracy is built upon.
It IS a banana republic with institutionalised corruption (what is basically okay, because the foreign ruler or CEO knows how much to pay where, there are clear tariffs), with free reign for a money “elite” (I always hated this word !), and a non-existing public debate – shouting matches on fackbuk are no debate. Now throw in public violence top-down, and there you go. It all happens openly, in real time, nobody can be “surprised” when – in the worst case – a coup d’etat happens next winter. It is a not so outlandish scenario : Donnie Rotten could declare martial law with “all that violence on the street”, could claim that the election’s results are void (IF it really takes place), and make himself “for the good of the nation” something like interim dictator.
You think the supreme court would intervene ? I doubt. It’s full of loyalists, one liberal member is seriously ill – a bit of a gamble, but Donnie has taken lesser chances.
You think the military would intervene ? Why should they ? Donnie Rotten loves the military, they’ll get anything they want, would they risk a civil war ?
The “street” ? Count the dead.
The Democrats are seemingly sure to have won the election. Like they were in 2016. Nothing is won. Nothing is sure. It is no direct democracy, and the primaries showed that the anti-democratic forces called “Republicans” do anything, use any dirty, rotten trick, to manipulate in their own favour – they surely will not stop, they’ll go in balls to the walls.
The virus ? Works just as a catalysator, helps to bring out what is already there : Real Americans do not wear masks.
The chances for a Machtübernahme are not that bad, surely it is worth to be considered.
Amerika, mir graut vor Dir.

Shut Up, John – It Makes No Difference

Out comes a new book about Donnie ROTTEN, but it brings nothing really new, as it seems. Who is in command of a not entirely Zombie like brain, and watched what Donnie ROTTEN and his gang pulled off over the last years, is not surprised about those “disclosures”. If the author, who calls himself a “patriot”, would be a man, he would have dragged his sorry arse to the impeachment panel and put an end to scum’s rule of Donnie ROTTEN & his outfit of greedy pigs – but he chose not to.
Maybe this is how it is meant to be. After all a democracy lives from the people’s vote – even when one ruling party does everything to make the democratic act for parts of the population as difficult as possible, and in doing so, actively obstructs the democratic system, obviously in order to stabilise and conserve the rule of a mob that sells self-enrichment as welfare policy.
The whole system, the state, the society, has only a chance to survive when a change comes from within, when the souvereign, id est the American people, puts an end to the farce by legal means, which is by ballot. Notorious idiots – and there are quiet a few armed dipshits around – phantasise about “solutions” by bullet, these are those deplorables who think they can shoot a virus.
And Donnie ROTTEN himself ? Is nowadays unable to grab a glass of water, and must be lead from the stage after the gig. The man is a gabbling idiot, who can not finish one damn sentence properly. I read excerpts from his “interview” with a Goebbels-scholar from the propaganda outfit, and it really astounded me (again) how uninformed Donnie ROTTEN actually is, and how unable he is to form a thought, follow and express it. It all ends in nirvana. I already said it, I repeat it : Donnie ROTTEN suffers from a not properly treated, and / or healed up form of (neuro-)syphilis. Soon the symptoms will not be ignorable anymore, even for the most spineless, bootlicking Republican.
It is possible that the world will face the really disturbing situation in November that – with the little help of some foreign friends – Donnie ROTTEN is declared winner of the election, and an undeniably crumbling, braindead zombie just keeps sitting in the White House. If this happens (and frankly, I am not convinced that it is impossible), then there will be a new world order without the US – that happily and voluntarily dwarfed herself into a corrupt banana republic run by an inbred riffraff of imbeciles. Was fallen will, das falle.