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Should I …

… say something about the latest action of the fuehrer*, the firing of the foreign secretary, that is ?
I don’t think so. After all the question was not “if”, but only “when ?”
The form ? As shabby as possible, true to the fuehrer’s core. And do not disregard how proud the fuehrer is, he has to mention that it is his own decision.
The only thing I find interesting is the timetable. According to the fuehrer’s headquarter the now ex-secretary was informed / got a strong hint – or something – on last Friday.
A under-secretary of the administration for foreign affairs refuted this and said that the now ex-secretary learned about his kick-out today, like everybody else. Promptly the under-secretary was fired too.
So what was the last statement of the now ex-secretary ? He condemned the attempted murder of a Russian ex-spy on British soil and encouraged the British PM in her stance against Russia. Someone must have a list of the Russian ex-spies who had accidents of whatever nature over the last few years in Britain. GOd, it is simply what the Tcheka does to traitors, isn’t it ?
The fuehrer will say nothing about it, and will surely not join any program of sanctions or whatever. And if you want to stay on the fuehrer’s payment list (the state’s that is), you do not utter even the smallest critique against Russia. Or else.
(You can read about this “timeline” in the WPost, NYTimes, CNN, The Atlantic, Slate, Salon, with dates and all ; I do not have to repeat all this here.)
Do not forget that the seemingly most important thing for the fuehrer (besides his prick and dollars) is “loyalty”. I think it could also be called servile submissiveness – I’m not sure how to translate the German phrase hündische Unterwürfigkeit correctly : Whatever Vlad did for the fuehrer ten or fifteen years ago, it must have been – like great !
I can’t help : I think someone somewhere in a department for subversion read an old Asterix, volume 15, titled La Zizanie, Streit um Asterix or The Roman Agent, and then went to work.
If so, the result is impressive.

 * I will not call him “The American Leader” anymore. For me he is the fuehrer, with small “f”.


Sunday Music

It feels a bit odd, familiar and un-familiar at the same time, to sit at this desk again and put together another “Sunday Music” (number 360 by title, but there are some precursors that went by another name ; one day I’ll add them up, perhaps when the number inches towards five hundred, still some way to go).
I spent the afternoon trying to recollect my bookmarks, but the latest list is definitely gone ; so I had to search for older backups, and gladly I found one that is pretty close to what I had used until the machine crashed. Of course a lot is missing, and will be found (or not) while I use the new apparatus. But I think I have the blogs, news and other sites for daily use back again.
Only when I was without internet I realised how much time it consumes – I think I’ll try to watch this and to cut back a little. Especially the consumption of “news” is useless and annoying, at least on a daily basis. I think it is enough to have a look every two or three days.
A disturbing observation is (on German sites) the sinking level of language proficiency on the “free” parts of news sites that comes hand in hand with lousy orthography – sometimes one is let to believe that a drunk intern wrote captions under photographs, or that people in training cobbled together an “article”. So it is advisable to have a look at Reuters or another news agency before visiting these annoying outlets. Of course there are exemptions, the NYT for example. Perhaps it is better to buy a printed weekly (like Die ZEIT) together with the weekend-edition of a trusted daily (Süddeutsche), and skip the unhealthy daily habit of staring at badly written text garnished with ugly pictures of ugly people glowing orange.
This is a real surprise that “The American Leader” seemingly wants to meet “The North Korean Leader”. I am not sure how this idea came into the world, and how it was expressed when, where, by whom. As it seems “The American Leader” all of a sudden said to an NorthKorean official something like “”Heck yeah, let’s meet in my club and get this right !” I still doubt that it will happen.
BTW these two “Leaders” have a lot in common I think. They seriously despise something called truth, and have absolutely no qualms of telling their own versions of it – id est they lie ruthlessly. They despise healthily those idiots they should serve (da peop’l, der Pöbel) – of course both “Leaders” have absolutely no idea how the majority of “their” “people” really live ; both had pampered lives from the start, and stink from arrogance.
Both are not responsible towards “da peop’l” for what they do as “Leaders”, but to groups who finally “made” them & enable their regimen – the guys with the big wallets in the US, the family and very opaque elite around the North Korean “Leader”. He is better off than his American colleague, because he can (and does !) use AA-guns to rule out any opposition, not yet practical in the US. And both need something to show, to present, the American more than the Northern Korean.
I think deep in his rotten core “The American Leader” knows that he is a fake and that his days are numbered. It is the Russian money that will break his neck. But Donnieboy wants his place in history not as the worst & most inept “President” ever, so he desperately grasps at something that would allow him to be seen as “great”. And ending the conflict with Northern Korea and stuff – hell yeah, why not. Definitely more easy than that situation in the Middle East or somethin’
And Mr Kim ? By hook or crook (mostly by crook, methinks) he made his country a nuclear power. He showed to any only slightly thinkable opposition that he can kick arse (sorry, but topic & actors rub off on the language) even without AA-guns, he demonstrated to the world that he is to be taken serious. And other than his American counterpart he can read & write, an unfair advantage, and process what he read. I am not sure if it was his father or someone else who wrote the blueprint for all this years ago – it has a name I forgot (not “Juhe”), I found it mentioned & explained in an article some weeks back in a more “outlying” magazine, I’ll try to locate it again.
It all looks more and more like an old Marx-Brothers-film, Duck Soup (Ger., Eng.) perhaps (“‘Cause all God’s chillun got guns !”), but without the liberating force of laughter. I fear that just the chilling & hurtful ridiculousness of tiny men, who take themselves all too serious, will remain.
On the other hand – why not have a truly bizarre orgy that helps to establish world peace ? Sadly Hunter S. THMOPSON can’t write the review any more, so Raoul DUKE needs to be resurrected – it’s only Rock’n Roll.

I want to be surrounded by beauty, I want to see beautiful things, I want to hear beauty in music. Last week I listened to a version of Mr SKRIABINs (Ger., Eng.) Etude in As Dur, opus 8, num.8 performed by the young pianist Andrei KOROBEINIKOV in the radio. (Bayern4 (livestream, programm) that is, they have interesting niece departments for jazz, worldmusic, and strange stuff.) This version was not to be found on yt, but two very different versions of said piece, one by HOROWITZ (Ger., Eng.), the other by ESTRIN (Eng.). ESTRIN was the first to record all etudes of opus 8, so he should know a bit about this music. The more notable is what Mr HOROWITZ does with this piece, especially at the end. (ESTRINs version here.)
I hope you like the music. Let’s have a peaceful & relaxed week.





Just when one thought that things would settle in a new chaotic “normal”, when one thought that the upper end of the scale of (emphatic) embarrassment is reached, when one thought that the bottom of “niveau” (a French word American politicos do not know) is finally hit, on comes a new “Director of Communications”.
Don’t get me wrong, this person is the perfect pick. This “embodiment of a double-parked BMW” fits perfectly, it is the “spirit” of this administration personified. May he stay with us for a long time !
As you may remember, venerated reader, I am more interested in the foreign politics of the USA, which is represented actually by a man called TILLERSON (Ger., Eng.) – you know the one who sports this nice Russian medal President PUTIN pinned to his jacket in 2013. I had some doubts about him, but I think Mr TILLERSON is a good example for what is called “learning on the job”. And perhaps it was right from him to exclude journalists from his travels, perhaps he just needs time and a certain amount of non-disturbance to get into the matter – and the foreign politics of the USA surely is something that requires concentration.
Of course, if at least one thing works …
I read this piece via Reuters, and I want to cite what I find is important :

He [TILLERSON] was upset, however, by fierce internal criticism from Trump, as well as his chief strategist, Steve Bannon, and White House aide Sebastian Gorka, over the decision [to keep to the “deal” with Iran], said another U.S. official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“The secretary does not feel that White House staff members should be in a position to conduct hostile cross-(examinations) of Cabinet officials,” the official said.

BANNON & GORKA “conduct hostile cross-examinations” of the Secretary of State ?
If this is true, it is a reason for serious concern & apprehension.
One may wonder when the inevitable cabinet “reshuffle” will take place.
Perhaps the “Director of Communications” can better himself ?

Never Say Never

I am sorry, dear reader(s – ?), if I bore you stiff with this post, but the last shenanigans of the great Leader of the Movement … well, I feel the urge to say something about this. The Leader has left Europe some days ago and describes his travels as huge success, a “home run”, seemingly something sporty. In short, great – what else ?
A direct result of this voyage is that Ms MERKEL said that the days when we (Germany and Europe) could unconditionally rely on the USofA are over. Chancellor MERKEL is not known for hefty vocabulary, for fist slamming and all this brutish and silly behaviour. Her caution is sometimes taken for weakness, and the opposition, and even members of her own party, often scold her and demand stronger words. So foreign commenters and watchers may find her remark unimportant, neglectable.
In fact it is as close as the German Chancellor will go publicly to saying “Fuck off !”. And she means it.
MERKEL had the chance to watch the Leader and all his bagage closely on several occasions, in different settings. And the conclusion she draws is that what one could call the “old West” came to an end. It is not the person of the Leader, it is more, more fundamental.
The last bit of sympathy I harboured for Mr SPICER evaporated when I heard what he had to say about this : He prattled over the “personal” “relation” between MERKEL and the Leader, this would be soo good blabla – right beside the point, missing the target exactly either intentionally, or, even worse, by not understanding what she said. She said expressis verbis that the USA are an unreliable partner now. This is very remarkable, and, of course, will have consequences.
SPICER, and so the criminal gang he speaks for, do not understand that politics is not a personal game, these brainless scumbags do not understand that they represent a state.
In fact Europe, what ever it is & will be in future, is on its own, in all respects of international politics. It is a real chance. The East’s psychological warfare will not bite in the long run.
In a certain way what I called “the old West”, what remained after the crumbling of the Soviet Union, is brought to an end by the administration of the Leader. Remember, and take serious please, what the Super Advisor said : “The Leader is only a tool”.
The actual “President” is unfit, inept and unqualified for the job. An impeachment is possible, but becomes imho more & more improbable, especially because of the total moral bancerott of the Republican party. A biological solution is possible, when the leader becomes too bizarre and has to step back (“terminated” ?) because of “health issues”. But in a way the person, the individual “Trump” is unimportant – the nihilistic spirit is already out of the bottle.
Those who financed this Leader are already in command of what they understand to be a “state”, the path back to “greatness” is already trampled free, the clock is already in the process of being turned back to some kind of “1950”. And if some climate accord is revoked or not – this is just maquillage, or call it a “collateral damage”Of course this will be done with a great gesture & fanfare, isn’t it one of the Leader’s promises ?
At least one he keeps.
I already said it in a comment here, the Leader destroys the old Western order from within, and he will destroy the US civil society. Within months he not only weakened, but pulverised the former order, opening up chances upon chances for his Bruder im Geiste Vlad. The coming summer meetings will follow this blueprint.
I only hope that MERKELs message will be understood, the time for appeasement is over : The kindergarten does not want to play with the bully any more.
We don’t have to.