Pizza With All

I may have mentioned here my neighbour, who sits in a wheelchair. Every few months we talk about having a pizza, delivered from the local soccer club’s pub. Monday is pizza day there, and every round flat cake is notably cheaper, delivery in the village included. This Monday they were sold out at 18:00. I decided that we would have the marvellous spciality on Tuesday, simply because we had been talking about this for months, always something came up, and I wanted to put an end to this endless saga of missed opportunities.
So my neighbour phoned for pizze on Tuesday, and it was delivered by the man who always delivers pizze. We had a little chat, I had asked about business. He said that on Monday the pub was allowed to open, they got all permissions and had followed the rules – one single guest showed up. But they were working like madmen with the take away / home delivery.
Then he realy got excited and told me that there is no virus at all. He had worked as cabdriver before the “lockdown”, he had international guests like Chinese, Japanese and other people, no one was sick. He did not get sick, nobody wore masks. Pointing to his homemade device that was dangling around his neck, he said : “This is only for the law.”
There is no virus, and in the end it is a conspiration of “the gouvernments”, worldwide. I looked dumfounded, and he delivered the final blow : They want to get rid of Trump. “Twentyseven hotels and golf courses are closed, they want him to go banquerott !”
Besides this imho fully acceptable endeavour, it is their chance to cement their rule and take away all civil freedoms, because there will be compulsory vaccination soon, and “when you get an injection, you will be chipped like a cat !” I really did not understand what he meant and said so, and he demonstarted to me how this evil operation would happen. He formed his left hand to a fist, showed me where the injection would happen, and slap-bang there is a chip in your body that enables constant surveillance. He litterally crouched himself down to the ground and gesticulated upwards to show me how “they” would watch over him. But of course, novody will chip him ! He will rip this demonish artifact out of his body, it may be as payneful as it may be, but he will pay this price for his freedom.
I did not ask for further details. These were enlightening five minutes before my neighbour’s door, thankfully no reptiloids involved.
It was my first encounter with a full grown man, who believes seriously in these phantastic theories. I am still baffled.


Heck, Yeah

Just when you think it’s okay to switch on the news again …
I could not watch the every day “briefings” in the White House, simply because after two minutes latest the feeling of Fremdscham (Eng.) became overwhelming. Maybe I should rethink. Never thought that I’d say this about this President of the USA, frankly.
Normally I go with the roundup at CNN (usually titled The 20 Wildest Lines, or similar), but today’s news made me look. I really thought it would have escaped from a satire site, but obviously, no. Disinfecting with light is nothing new, but “to bring it into people” is definitely a new & ground braking approach. Maybe we all should suck on some uv-lamps. Better gulp it down and shine from within.
And then there’s the alcohol. Finally something I can relate to. Our trusted Franconian disinfectant is Sylvaner, and boy, we can use it ! But injecting ?
Mankind injected a lot of things over the last maybe 150 years, I do not know since when modern needles were produced. But I guess the common consensus is that injecting “for cleansing” is not necessarily good, unrewarding. Where’s the high in that ? Take advice from a man who knows (play it loud, raw & unwashed) :

I guess I have to rethink my attitude towards Mr TRUMP. Having watched his last happening, I think it is adequate to speak about him as the Greatest Living Performance Artist. He’s better than his friend & fan Kanye WEST ; forget ABRAMOVIC (Ger., Eng.) and Co, who still wrestle with old concepts of “meaning” or “sense” in any way : TRUMP easily transcends this, is the pure moment, and whatever comes a-way, the real Steppenwolf.
Excuse me now, I have to disinfect.

World of Wonders, World of Virus

I am sorry to bore you dear reader, but that nasty virus has found its way into this blog, too. What is, of course, no wonder. After all a virus’ job is to spread, and it does so, not absolutely unimpressed, but at least a bit irritated, by our helpless efforts to built some obstacles in its way.
The virus sees us humans only as places for multiplying. And it does so until the host’s body feels the need to fight against the virus load, for example with fever, or other reactions that we call symptoms. Only then we realise that we have an unwanted guest. But because the incubation time is up to ten or twelve days, we carry the virus around and easily spread it, by coughing, talking, touching other individuals, or surfaces. The only way to break this circle is the isolation of the virus carrier, or distance between possible carriers. In those societies hit by the virus now, this should be understood by basically all grown up, rational thinking, and responsible humans.
With the notable exception of some parts of Michigan.
(Edit : And elsewhere.)
But this is not what makes me write this chitchat here. I only wonder what these middle-aged, white, male protesters (at least that is the group I saw on photographs) mean with their “freedom” they demand ?
The freedom to catch a potentially deadly virus ? Goodness, that’s the virus’ business, and be assured it will get all of us. The freedom to spread it ? See above. The freedom to be irresponsible, reckless, and plain idiotic ? I guess this is guaranteed by the American Constitution, if a little limited, possibly, but who knows. In a country ruled by the creature who right now besmirches the White House, anything is possible.
No, what makes me wonder is the numbers in Northern America, the United States to be specific. Of course I am “mathematically challenged”, sorry if I bore you while repeating this ; but they can not be accurate. It simply can not be that the US reaches a kind of plateau already. And according to this article here, things are pretty much – excuse me – crap. If you do not want to read this text completely now, allow me to cite a paragraph that summarises it partly :

In that light, America’s 20 percent positivity rate is disquieting. The U.S. did almost 25 times as many tests on April 15 as on March 15, yet both the daily positive rate and the overall positive rate went up in that month. If the U.S. were a jar of 330 million jelly beans, then over the course of the outbreak, the health-care system has reached in with a bigger and bigger scoop. But every day, 20 percent of the beans it pulls out are positive for COVID-19. If the outbreak were indeed under control, then we would expect more testing—that is, a larger scoop—to yield a smaller and smaller proportion of positives. So far, that hasn’t happened.

In layman’s terms : The official numbers do not show that anything slows down. There is seemingly absolutely no implication to assume that the spread of the virus and the illness it causes – that is deadly for a still unknown percentage of patients – slows, levels, or even goes down / declines. This means that any (serious or un-serious) talk about “opening the country” is, right now, baseless rubbish.
One could assume that the US in total is a kind of life experiment. The federal state under this abomination of a “president” failed totally to tackle the pandemic, not least because the “leader” is intellectually unable to understand how a virus-based infection works, and is absolutely resistant to experienced expertise. This nothing new, but under these circumstances it is, sadly, causing deadly consequences. But it is not the vacuum at the top, it is also the ignorance and mistrust of parts of the society towards anything called “state”. I even go as far as to state that those blokes in Michigan abrogate the contract social, the basis of a civilised society. They simply put their own, short-sighted idea of “freedom” or whatever they mean, before the interest of the rest of the society, the well-being if their fellow citizens : They insist on the freedom of spreading a deadly virus.
So they seemingly all believe in so-called herd immunity, or in short : “Let GOd sort them out. The old, the weak, those with pre-existing illnesses – heck yeah, everybody has to go sooner or later, doesn’t he ?! Just nature’s way of thinning the herd. Survival of the fittest, ya’know ?!”

Am I over interpreting ? In parts of Europe, in Germany at least, we see that the rate of those who have survived the infection slowly rises, the number of new infections stabilises or even shrinks, the death rate is stable. But it is a fragile situation, it can turn back to rising infection rates, hence deaths. We were able to keep the hospitals and clinics away from collapse. Italy, Spain, others, were not so lucky. And GOd alone may know how it will develop in the UK.
All this “opening up”, “going back to business” here is slow, and rightly so – let the merchants holler & cry. All the actions taken, sanctions even, worked, in the sense that they helped to slow the spread of the virus. Nothing is here on Earth that can eradicate this virus. We can eradicate the illness it causes by vaccination, perhaps some day the damn thing can not breed anymore in humans – but even then it will take very long until it vanishes, and is then still alive in some high security lab as sample only.
This means that our new “normal” will be a bit different from our old “normal”, and, frankly, I can not imagine what this will involve. I think we will have to learn from Sweden and similar societies with similar approach. But what you can already see right now is that the Swedish society, as a whole, is very different from others, not only in Europe, but of course in an international perspective. The keywords may be trust, consideration, in the end humanistic values : Nothing that counts in Michigan, or any other part of Trump world.

Ah, what ?

Excuse me please, I may be rambling. It may be a combination of too much “empty” time, a working internet connection, and – ?
I do not know. The pleasure of looking at train wrecks ?
As you know venerated reader, I am “mathematically challenged”, what simply means that I can not “read” numbers. Of curse I read them, I recognise a “1”, and can translate it to “one”, like in “one finger”. But when I am confronted with large set of numbers, I become more or less, helpless.
Anyway, I read an interesting article (here, in German only, sorry) that says that there is a connection between the total number of corona infected people, and the number of people who died from corona. Of course, you may say, that is old news, a certain percentage of infected humans die. But given all the un-certainties about the “total” number of “infected people” (testing !) we can not state the number of those who will certainly die. If you look at the statistics, the numbers on a daily basis vary stark.
The virus has a long incubation time, up to two weeks. So the number of those who die right now may actually reflect the number of those who were infected two weeks ago.
Excuse me please, I put this down in layman’s terms, but I think this is the essential.
This means, if I get it right, that the number of newly infected can tell us how many humans will die in circa ten to twelve days ahead.
If this is correct, it would explain why the leading head of the German agency where all the data are collected and things come together, said that we may have reached some kind of plateau with the number of infected ; that in Germany the whole thing is far from over ; and that we will see a hefty increase in the need for intense care beds in the coming weeks – and we will see an increase of the death toll.
My question simply is, does someone publish charts on this basis somewhere ?
I looked, and found nothing. Of course this would be un-serious crystal ball gazing, but it could tell us what to expect, wouldn’t it ?
I may be totally wrong about all this. But if someone already does play around with data, it would also be nice to see some measurable effect of the social-distancing~ / shut-down~thing all together. I am sure that there is a positive effect, but can it be shown, please ?
That leaves me with the “train wreck” aspect I mentioned above. It is (no surprise here) what America does.
Germany quietly managed the intense-care-beds, and without much ado intensified the procurement or purchasing of badly needed stuff, like masks. There are reports I just could not believe when I read them first, some days ago, yesterday ? I do not know – time does not fly right now, it is a kind of maelstrom.
Anyway, there were reports of “Americans” throwing out hands of dollares to “people on the runway” to turn much needed (and in cases already payed for) materials towards other aeroplanes or what – it is all sinister. And I could not believe it, it resembles all too much an “Erzählmotiv” – a story constructed around / about motifs, here it would be the Yankee throwing out bundles of cash for getting, well, things. But there seems to be something to it. At least the Senat of Berlin – this little provincial town in Germany, you know – and French officials complaint about this. And “this” is pure thiefdom, pilferage, modern piracy, by individuals who seemingly claim to work for “Amurga”.
Startling is the fact that it really surprises nobody.
But this is just something one can expect. What one could not expect is the sheer fail [The headline is of course wrong : The virus did not rage – it rages !], the collaps of the Federal State. I realised yesterday, when I saw the visage of Mr Kushner show up in the daily shit show called “briefing”, that it is not about “help” in any way anymore (if ever, it was not), but about grabbing money. The only reason for this little creep to show up is that there is some absolutely immoral way to cash in, and be sure, he’ll find & use it.
But this is not what worries, this is not the train wreck I mentioned. The if not incestuous, but nepotistic “administration” of the little fuehrer just rattles on and on, and as he already stated, one hundred thousand deaths are a Good Job.
BUT : What the dear leader shows to every damn guv’nor, s/he be a member of the rotten party or not, is that there is nothing to expect from the federal gouvernement : “You need material, stuff, masks or machines – fuck you clown, go and buy it.”
“Yer people die, not my problem.”
If the orange abomination can say one word in any language, it is “I am not responsible”.
What we see is a terrible strengthening of all centrifugal forces in the already shaky construction of the “united” “states”. When this is over, and the dead will be counted, and the right heir of Mr Houston (still to be found) in Austin says “this was it”, this conglomerate of “states” shall never be the same. It is right now not “the same, as it ever was”. What you smell is the perfume of evaporating trust.
And trust is the only thing that keeps a human society together.
Call me an alarmist, a Depp, an un-informed foreigner, an arrogant European if you will. But you can not deny the danger of all this. The message goes not to some gun stroking guys around the camp fire in the woods, it goes right to any Capitol, fifty I think. It says clearly : Fuck You.
This damn virus does not only kill humans, it has the potential to lead to a melt down of an already divided, insecure, in-fighting society. Every already active fault line will be strengthened. It has the potential to kick over an already shaking state. Nothing will be the same after all this, there will be simply too many deaths to ignore. Even for the little fuehrer, if he will be still there.
And the next virus may be not so polite.
Sorry for the long blab. Strange times. “Worthless Clay“.